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Ensono Adds Managed Mainframe To Its UK Toolkit

Ensono, today announces the UK launch of its Managed Mainframe service, providing enterprises with Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) and hosting options for IBM’s z Systems.  For the first time, UK enterprises will have access to a managed service layer for their mainframe systems from Ensono. This includes Linux on z, giving those using mainframe services a stepping stone to modern Linux-based virtualised hardware.

From today, Ensono’s UK enterprise clients will be able to address the very real problem of the skills shortage in managing and supporting the mainframe environment as talent retires. Enterprises will also benefit from Ensono’s experience in consolidating and standardising the complex mainframe ecosystem, reducing the monthly mainframe bill by decreasing software license costs and optimising the infrastructure and applications to run more efficiently. This ultimately lowers mainframe costs by up to 15-20%. Ensono provides world class design and unparalleled support with leading SLAs, disaster recovery, security and compliance, providing the enterprise with peace of mind that their strategically important mainframe systems can continue to underpin their business. Ensono recognises that enterprise mainframe environments contain critical business information supporting non-mainframe applications, and so the hybrid IT specialist provides organisations with the capability to aid the integration, optimisation and management of these systems.

Ensono currently manages 126,000 MIPS (million instructions per second) and 130 logical partitions (LPARs) on behalf of its enterprise clients in North America, working in partnership with organisations across sectors, including insurance, financial services, manufacturing and professional services. Ensono also brings to the UK 49 years of experience, working to optimise mainframe with over 1,000 mainframe software products, 250 plus database instances and 300 plus Customer Information Control Systems regions on IBM’s z Systems.

Ken Harper, Director, Mainframe Product Leader, Ensono says: “While mainframe is often considered a legacy technology, without it global banks, insurance companies, retailers and many other major industries would not function. Mainframe runs business critical services in over 90% of the global Fortune 500 companies and in a recent report from IBM, it was reported that the mainframe supports over $23 billion in ATM transactions per year*. With mobile transactions increasing, mainframe captures, analyses and crunches data that impacts businesses and their consumers’ lives positively every day. Mainframe is built to handle these consumer driven transaction loads reliably and securely.”

Despite mainframe being a strategic part of many enterprises’ future, most universities do not include it in their computer science curriculums and managing these ‘legacy’ environments has become a very real problem. Enterprise is left with two options: recruiting, and attempting to retain, skills that are a scarce and costly resource; or taking the risky, time-consuming and expensive option to transition from mainframe before the business is ready. Both present issues for today’s enterprise.

Ensono’s Remote Infrastructure Management for Mainframe adds a third option. It adds a secure managed service layer to the existing mainframe environment, allowing Ensono’s experts to manage the mainframe remotely, reducing migration work efforts and risks. Transition for Remote Infrastructure Management takes a little as 45 days, giving businesses the benefits of maximising their capital expenditure, but with the technical support and regular mainframe infrastructure management from Ensono.

Ken Harper, Ensono says: “We are pleased to launch Ensono’s Managed Mainframe in the UK. Ensono’s mission is to deliver technology services that enable our clients to be great at what they do, optimising the applications and technology to meet business objectives such as better customer experience, lower costs or increased innovation.

“Ensono helps enterprise across the globe operate for today and optimise for tomorrow with a breadth and depth of mission-critical Hybrid IT experience, including everything from managed mainframe to managed public cloud. The addition of managed mainframe to our UK toolkit places us in a leading position to help our clients to compete in the digital era, helping as they navigate their business transformation in the fast-paced digital world.”

For media inquiries, please contact Beth Burghgraef at: [email protected].

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