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Ensono Announces IBM Automatic Binary Optimizer for z/OS (ABO) Proof of Concept Service

Ensono, an expert technology adviser and managed service provider, launched its proof of concept service for IBM® Automatic Binary Optimizer for z/OS® (ABO). The service offers a cost-effective way to help clients quantify the potential benefits from deploying ABO software to reduce mainframe central processing unit (CPU) Time for Common Business Oriented Language (COBOL) batch processing in their environments.

As part of the proof-of-concept, Ensono mainframe consultants install a trial license and configure ABO on a representative preproduction environment. Using ABO Analyzer and Optimizer, Ensono experts will analyze SMF records from a peak production processing period to identify top CPU-consuming COBOL batch programs. Ensono then works with the client’s application team to test the modules with and without optimization to quantify the benefit in reduced batch CPU Time and run time. Following the trial, the client receives a proof-of-concept report that allows them to determine if there is a business case for adopting ABO in production. This proof-of-concept service enables COBOL developers to remain focused on evolving business applications, not compiler lifecycles. Clients can also experience the following benefits in their mainframe environments:

  • Reduced batch COBOL CPU Time
  • Additional headroom at peak processing times
  • Reduced spend on costly mainframe capacity upgrades
  • Accelerated batch processing

This proof-of-concept service enables organizations who have upgraded their mainframe hardware to benefit from performance improvements without changing or recompiling old code. To learn more about Ensono’s advisory and consulting capabilities for mainframe visit:

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