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Strategies for Designing an Agile, Secure and Cost-Optimized Cloud Transformation

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How to take a scientific approach to cloud adoption

You need to design your organization’s cloud transformation to achieve your business goals. A smarter, more scientific approach in your move to cloud starts with asking the right questions. From questions like, “Are we going to have a single or multi-cloud environment?” to “Are there latency challenges I should be aware of?” Ensono understands early answers to these queries are paramount to the success of cloud transformation — and we’ve developed a framework to help you navigate them.

In this guide, “Strategies for Designing an Agile, Secure and Cost-Optimizing Cloud Transformation,” our cloud adoption experts share our time-tested framework for building an effective, tailored hybrid cloud environment. We’ll help you:

  • Navigate the posture design process
  • Evaluate the future of mainframe applications
  • Decide where to place applications in your new cloud environment

Your move to cloud computing involves crucial decisions. The right path helps your business progress and face the future. Ensono’s framework lets you approach these decisions strategically, setting your organization up for long-term success.

Download our guide to chart your path to the future.

“Organizations struggle to take a methodical approach when designing the optimum cloud posture for their IT infrastructure.”

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