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Why 2015 is the Year of Change



At the beginning of each year, I love to reflect on the year past and anticipate the year and change ahead. This year, as I looked back, I had to wonder … “Why aren’t we flying around in our space cars by now?”

Perhaps it’s because the whole anti-gravity thing was a bit much to expect. Or, perhaps, it’s because my expectations were based on a Hanna Barbara cartoon from my youth.

What if it were partially true, though? What if my hope for a real Jetsonian-era age were to happen before my very own eyes?

Consider the Internet of Things … Consider Robotic Process Automation … or, Wearable Technology.

Perhaps …

.. it is the IT industry … my industry! … That is going to bring it all together in 2015. How exciting!! How exciting is it to work in the industry that is going to really start changing how we all work and live?

Join me … in welcoming 2015 … the Jetsonian Era! Together, let’s make 2015 our most successful year ever!

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