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The “British Invasion” and the State of Hybrid IT

William Flannery

William Flannery
Chief Operating Officer

Welcoming the UK’s leading hybrid IT provider into the Ensono family earlier this year was a pretty big deal. Our friends across the pond bring some exciting capabilities to the table—including proven proficiency in running business-critical cloud applications and a proprietary hybrid IT service management platform.

The integration is well underway, and everything is tickity-boo, as they say in Staines-upon-Thames (translation: running like a well-oiled machine).

This alliance has allowed Ensono to dramatically advance our technology roadmap and bring new capabilities to bear more quickly.

Adopting Attenda’s advanced cloud platform, for example, has accelerated the Ensono product roadmap by at least 12 to 18 months.

The Benefits Flow Both Ways

Of course, the benefits flow from both sides of the Atlantic.

Attenda an Ensono Company’s clients have not had access to robust mainframe or iSeries services. Ensono supports both platforms incredibly well, and we’ll be officially launching mainframe capabilities in the UK—the second largest mainframe market in the world—during the second half of 2017. We also believe that stateside enterprises will find value as we extend our footprint outside of the U.S.

A New Modus Operandi (M.O.)

Overlaying our new cloud offering is Ensono M.O., an industry leading hybrid IT service platform developed by Attenda an Ensono Company for managing complex client solutions—regardless of data center or cloud infrastructure and location.

In the past, application performance in hybrid IT environments has been a function of infrastructure provisioning. Unfortunately, this limited approach cannot manage complex resources in real time. Likewise, optimal, dynamic application performance cannot be ensured.

Ensono M.O. provides a structured approach to integrating people, processes and technology across multiple platforms.

It allows us to provide exceptional service levels across our entire client base. Even better, the platform can be adapted and enhanced based on the changing needs of our clients.

We unveiled Ensono M.O. at the recent AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas and will be implementing it for our North American client base in 2017.

Jack Be Nimble

You have the flexibility to use the right platform for the right workload.

Attenda an Ensono Company’s proficiency in running business-critical cloud applications, coupled with Ensono’s heritage in managing complex workloads on traditional infrastructure, dramatically enhances our ability to bridge the gap between traditional IT and cloud environments.

That’s something that clients on both sides of the Atlantic can cheer about.

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