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Next Generation Mainframers: Early-Career Opportunities and Community Building

Travis Biro

Travis Biro
Senior Product Manager - Mainframe

The Mainframe industry has long been recognized as the backbone of the world’s economy, powering critical operations in various sectors. However, the demand for skilled Mainframe professionals continues to outstrip the supply of qualified talent. As a result, forward-thinking organizations are taking steps to bridge this skills gap by offering early-career opportunities and fostering strong community networks. In this blog, we report on Ensono’s Mainframe Academy, give kudos to the z/OSMF Community Guild, and encourage people to explore the System Z Enthusiast Discord channel.

Ensono’s Mainframe Academy is a multi-tiered educational resource designed to cultivate Mainframe superstars from diverse backgrounds. Recognizing the scarcity of early-career opportunities in the Mainframe realm, it provides hands-on training and mentorship programs led by industry experts. By equipping students and early-career professionals with essential Mainframe skills, this initiative aims to replenish the staffing gap created by a maturing workforce.

The success of the Mainframe Academy demonstrates the transformative power of early-career training programs. By investing in the development of young talent, organizations can not only secure a steady supply of skilled Mainframe professionals but also create a pathway for individuals passionate about Mainframe technology to thrive.

The z/OSMF Community Guild has been a pivotal resource in fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange, bringing together a vibrant community of Mainframe enthusiasts. Through regular sessions, this platform provides a space for open dialogue, learning, and sharing of experiences in the z/OSMF modernization world.

The z/OSMF Community Guild showcases the value of a strong and trustworthy Mainframe community. This platform enables individuals to bridge the skills gap and excel on the Mainframe by promoting open communication and collective learning. The success of this initiative serves as a testament to the power of inclusive and collaborative environments, where early, mid, and late-tenure mainframe enthusiasts come together to shape the future of the industry.

The System Z Enthusiast Discord channel serves as an informal yet valuable networking hub for Mainframers of all experience levels. Whether you are a hobbyist, enthusiast, or seasoned professional, this public forum offers a space to ask questions, share knowledge, and engage in discussions related to all things Mainframe. The System Z Discord channel is an excellent platform for idea exchange and networking, from career advice to the latest technological advancements.

This platform encourages collaboration and mutual growth among Mainframers worldwide by facilitating connections and fostering a sense of belonging. It serves as a reminder that even in a highly technical field, the power of human interaction and shared experiences can propel innovation and progress.

The demand for skilled Mainframe professionals continues to rise, and by investing in educational programs, community-building initiatives, and networking platforms, we can ensure a sustainable pipeline of talent and expertise. Together, we can bridge the skills gap, foster innovation, and propel the Mainframe industry forward.

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