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IT Service Providers: Practice What You Preach

David Fink

David Fink
Director, Products &Technology

Making sure our clients implement the most current technology to support their IT applications and platforms is one of our primary objectives. We strive to enable our clients with products and services that allow them to be great at what they do. In doing so, we make it a point to regularly review their systems and determine when, and how, upgrades and updates can be made.

But as a managed service provider, the one question I always ask is, “Are other outsourcing providers making sure their own IT infrastructures are up-to-date?” At Ensono, we provide great service from mainframe to private cloud, and we do that by utilizing and developing the best technologies and processes for our own IT.

I recently wrote an article for IT Briefcase discussing why it’s important to constantly review and upgrade our own environments. Entitled “IT Service Providers: Practice What You Preach,” the article highlights how being agile and keeping our technology up to date is just as important as keeping clients up-to-date.

To read the full article, click here.

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