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Human Resource Operations Streamlined with the Right Cloud Technology

Meredith Graham

Meredith Graham
Chief People Officer, Ensono

HR People + Strategy, the premier network of executives and thought leaders in the field of human resources, recently published a blog post I wrote addressing four common HR challenges that can be solved by implementing cloud solutions – collaboration, data silos/access, currency and efficiency.   

HR professionals need technology that can keep up with today’s mobile and fast-paced business landscape.  With the right cloud technology, it can make HR professionals perform a wide range of day-to-day operations more efficiently — including onboarding new employees, updating employee files and administrating payroll.

According to the Sierra-Cedar HR Systems Survey whitepaper, more than half of all companies still use on-premises solutions for HR management, and many HR departments typically rely on more traditional manual human resources processes.

Ensono’s human resources department leverages cloud solutions firsthand to combat the four common challenges and have realized considerable efficiencies which enables our talented associates to be great at what they do.  This not only impacts our HR function but transcends to all of our associates so that they can focus on meeting clients on their technological transformation journey.     

The cloud can truly enable your department to have the best odds of keeping up with today’s top challenges.

Read the blog here.

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