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How Company Culture Helps Us Achieve and Succeed

Brianna Boynton

Brianna Boynton
Marketing Specialist

With the world changing more than ever before, it’s important that companies have the key components of an innovative workplace. While one of the great mysteries of building a successful company will always be those key components, one thing we can all agree on is the importance of company culture.

According to a study done by Glassdoor in 2019, millennials and young adults were more likely to prioritize culture over salary when deciding where to apply. They also found that 73% of all adults surveyed consider whether a company’s values align with their own when applying to jobs. Clearly company culture has an impact on the type of applicants we see. Corporate culture and the ideals that a company promotes can even be the difference between a diverse and effective team and a team that ultimately leaves us wanting more.

So, since company culture is so important, what exactly IS company culture? CultureIQ describes it as “the how and why things get done in an organization”. Basically, it’s a set of guideposts that drive the decisions your employees make.

For example, these are our company values here at Ensono:

  • Honesty: We’re transparent and accountable
  • Reliability: We deliver on our promises
  • Curiosity: We relentlessly innovate on behalf of our clients
  • Collaboration: We thrive as a team
  • Passion: We love what we do and share our enthusiasm

Ensono provides associates with a number of opportunities to practice these values and bring them to the forefront of what we all do.

Our dedicated volunteer opportunities help associates to not only learn new skills and meet new people, but also helps to foster collaboration and passion for the things our associates find important.

We also try to uncover the honest truth about bias in the tech industry with things like our Speak Up report which looks at how tech conferences don’t always have women in mind.

Highlighting our employees is also something that contributes to the great work culture here at Ensono. Recently, the moms here were highlighted in an article discussing their experience as work-from-home associates and working moms. It not only showed the reliability of these women both to Ensono and their families, but it showed the unique and curious ways they’ve been able to benefit from their situations.  

And we’re not the only ones who think that Ensono has a great culture. We’ve been named the winner of the 2021 IBM Geography Excellence Award for Top North America Service Business and have even been named one of the best companies to work for.

Not only does Ensono work to create a good company culture, but our partner companies strive for this too. Last year Ensono acquired Amido, a UK based cloud services provider, which was recently named one of the UK’s Best Workplaces in Tech for 2021. By prioritizing things such as teamwork and thanking their associates, Amido has also cultivated a respectable company culture that ultimately contributes to the company culture at Ensono as a whole.

By recognizing our associates, offering volunteer opportunities and other programs, and actively trying to increase diversity and inclusion we’re able to create a company culture that contributes to a happy life, happy associates and happy clients.

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