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The power of AWS is undeniable. There are no boundaries to the capabilities and services it brings to the table from a business and technology standpoint. Organizations are now empowered to accelerate their digital transformation in a way they were never able to do before. Yet, migrating to the cloud can be a daunting experience, mostly when companies have a shortage of in-house skills and capital or have functional responsibilities that tie them back to their existing infrastructure. As a cloud transformation solution provider, Illinois-based Ensono proves its mettle in helping enterprises unleash themselves from the impediments they face in managing the cloud transformation process to better achieve their critical business outcomes.

“We take an outcome-based approach to achieve digital transformation for our clients while maximizing their two most important strategic assets—people and capital”

“We take an outcome-based approach to achieve digital transformation for our clients so we can then be purpose driven in maximizing their two most important strategic assets—people and capital,” states Benjamin Wood, SVP, Advisory and Consulting, Ensono. The company maps a customized transformation roadmap and journey based on the organization’s business needs to drive agility, innovate, or establish new revenue streams—no matter where they are in their transformation journey. Ensono then provides managed IT services to their clients to optimize and modernize their existing infrastructure and cloud. And with its Cloud Transform Framework, a set of four services—Cloud Activate, Cloud Migrate, Cloud Operate, and Cloud Optimize, —Ensono helps its clients to not only realize the full promise of the cloud and accelerate the time of transformation but also goes beyond cloud migration to transform existing business applications.

To help clients attain critical outcomes from a business standpoint, Ensono follows an approach called Ensono Flex that allows clients to shift workloads across Ensono’s varied service platforms: mainframes, distributed systems, data centers, and private and public cloud. This greater flexibility enables their clients to leverage the entirety of Ensono’s services to drive transformation and meet changing business needs without fear of vendor lock-in. As a customer-centric company, Ensono adopts a ‘client-in-the-room’ approach that challenges them to always test the decisions being made are in a customer’s best interest.

“We aim to be a relentless ally for our clients, disrupting the status quo and unleashing them to do great things,” says Wood. This is best illustrated by one of the Ensono’s long-term strategic partners, Guinness World Records (GWR). GWR, traditionally known for publication of its eponymous book, has diversified into a creative consultancy and digital media agency over the years. GWR’s digital media and online record-processing services now attract 60,000 applications a year, and the company’s YouTube channel has more than 2.7 million subscribers and hundreds of millions of views per year. They progressed from needing five MBS of data a month to four TBS. This fundamental change in the company meant that the existing IT infrastructure was not suited to the new business demands, which necessitated a move to a managed public cloud. Ensono’s long-term strategic partnership with the company demonstrated what was possible with AWS. Ensono devised a more scalable and agile solution that helped them strengthen several functional areas of the transformation, functionally manage their existing infrastructure, and be prepared for the future as well.

Forging ahead, the company will continue to innovate and invent new solutions to support the outcomes that their customers need as a business. “We will soon roll out services for mainframe modernization to enable organizations with mainframes to take advantage of cloud capabilities while managing within a mainframe environment,” says Wood. Ensono has recently launched a Cloud Academy to support individuals in becoming highly productive cloud experts by providing both hands-on experience and the cloud educational background necessary to work in a cloud-specific role.

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