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From Bold Vision to Award-Winning Reality: The Maven Report takes home the MarCom Platinum Award

Violette Sieczka

Violette Sieczka
Sr Marketing Dir, Marketing Communications & Brand

In April 2022, CMO Jonathan Bumba arrived at Ensono with a vision: the creation of a thought leadership platform—the first in our company’s history—that would connect our clients, prospects, and executive and IT leaders everywhere with business-tested ideas from real-world experts to help drive their digital transformation.

That vision became reality in record time when The Maven Report launched in August 2022, with an inaugural issue that staked a bold position in the conversation surrounding the so-called Great Resignation, which was gripping businesses at the time.

Just over one short year later, we are thrilled to announce that The Maven Report has won the prestigious MarCom Platinum Award for Corporate Publications—the top prize in our category. MarCom received over 6200 submissions this past year. Less than .5% of those received platinum-level recognition. The Maven Report was among them.

Receiving this award is both an honor and a validation. Without a doubt, it reflects the countless hours of research, interviews, analysis and creativity poured into every issue by our dedicated internal editorial team, our incredible design agency, Lydon + Associates, and our many brilliant contributors, aka The Mavens. This wouldn’t have happened without them.

But it also underscores the pivotal role thought leadership plays in today’s volatile and evolving business environment. A reliable business compass in a storm of technological disruption.

When change is the only constant, when new technologies are emerging almost daily, when pace of digital disruption is relentless, innovation isn’t just a strategy for success—it’s a prerequisite for survival. Companies that fail to innovate risk becoming obsolete, overshadowed by agile competitors that know how to leverage new technologies and strategies.

In this climate, reliable experience-based thought leadership is more than simply information. It’s a compass in the midst of a storm—a fact illustrated by the IBM Institute for Business Value’s finding that 50% of top CEOs use thought leadership to make decisions.

From its inception, the mandate of The Maven Report has been clear in the minds of our team and the pages of our issues: “To provide pragmatic, actionable advice from industry experts who have led large teams through periods of serious disruption.” Every article, every analysis, every aspect of this platform has been curated with the intent of delivering trustworthy insights that can be translated into concrete strategies and lead to better business outcomes.

We don’t just want our audience informed; we want them equipped to act, especially on the issues they’re facing right now. From the impacts of the great resignation and quiet quitting to the status of women in tech and the potential of generative AI, The Maven Report has strived to help our readers think more deeply and effectively about questions coming at them in real time. We will continue to do so—whatever lies around the next corner.

Thank you to the team who works each day to bring The Maven Report to life. Your talent, passion and commitment are the lifeblood of this endeavor.

Thank you to our 2022 and 2023 Mavens, among them esteemed Ensono colleagues, leaders from clients including Assurant and the State of Tennesse, and partners like IBM and Dell, for so generously sharing your time, minds, experience and expertise with our audience.

Thank you to the wonderful Ensono team members across the organization who have championed and shared The Maven Report far and wide.

A huge thank you to our readers and subscribers. Your feedback, curiosity, thirst for knowledge and drive to succeed inspire us every day.

And if you haven’t yet explored The Maven Report, I invite you to dive in and discover the insights that are helping to shape the future of digital transformation and ensure not just success, but also resilience and longevity. Come see what award-winning thought leadership is all about!

The MarCom Platinum Award is a remarkable milestone for The Maven Report and for Ensono. And we’re just getting started.

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