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Cloud IaaS – One Size Does Not Fit All

Tim Beerman

Tim Beerman
Chief Technology Officer, Ensono

In my conversations with clients and potential clients, transitioning IT infrastructure to the cloud is often a topic of interest. And rightly so. But what is the best practice for managing and transforming your IT infrastructure? The high cost of internal IT infrastructure management is pushing CIOs and IT decision-makers to do some serious searching for more cost-effective methods that not only meet current demands, but can handle future requirements. And while it would be simpler if there was a one-size-fits- all solution that could be deployed, that’s just not the case.

I recently wrote about this in an article for Data Center Knowledge entitled, “Cloud IaaS – One Size Does Not Fit All,” exploring how to take a baseline IT services solution set – specifically for the cloud – and couple it with client feedback, market landscape knowledge and future technology direction to generate a streamlined, customized, and cost-effective cloud IaaS program.

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