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Why Security Maturity Matters: Actionable Insights for a Secure Environment

Security compromises often happen when organizations don’t realize the vulnerabilities facing them or don’t have adequate controls to manage them. Even the most mature security program must constantly evolve, reassess, and improve to keep up with business changes and current threat environment. How do you know if your organization’s security controls are mature enough to handle the latest cyberattacks? By reviewing key security controls, policy, implementation, automation and reporting across platforms and processes, a Security Maturity Assessment provides a maturity score for each control; a gap analysis; and recommendations that can be prioritized for making impactful improvements to your controls.

Date: Wednesday, March 30th, 2022
Time: 12:00 PM CDT

Featured Speakers:

Oliver Presland
Vice President
Global Consulting Portfolio
Chad Mead
Vice President
Global Mainframe & Security Consulting

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