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Insights from the Field: Optimizing Mainframe Performance, Capacity and TCO

14th September 2022


  • Oliver Presland – VP, Consulting Services Portfolio at Ensono
  • John Rooney – Director, Mainframe Consulting at Ensono
  • Alan Mackenzie – Managing Director of ECMP, Ltd.

IT departments continually seek ways to reduce costs, resolve performance issues and optimize their mainframe systems. A performance and capacity focused assessment is a valuable tool to identify application, database and system optimization opportunities, find ways to reduce CPU utilization peaks, address underperforming transactions, optimize batch, resolve service degradation issues, and even help reduce capacity needs ahead of upgrades. In our real-world experience, depending on your software stack, size of the system and other factors, a focused assessment can provide a wide range of performance improvements and cost-saving measures to help many organizations achieve consumption savings in the 8-25% range.

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