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Leading Innovation in the US Public Sector for Mainframe Services and Solutions


ISG names Ensono a leader in Mainframe Services and Solutions for US Public Sector

Ensono’s leadership in ISG’s Provider Lens for Mainframe Services and Solutions for US Public Sector is a testament to Ensono’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the industry. Ensono stands out in the public sector for key reasons:

  • Focus on Hybrid Environments: Ensono is integrating legacy mainframes and modern cloud applications, enabling clients to harness the full potential of hybrid environments.
  • Strong Partner Ecosystem: Close collaboration with IBM and Dell gives us unparalleled insight and access to cutting-edge developments in mainframe technology.
  • Flexibility at Scale: Clients have the power to shift workloads across all computing platforms, enabling transformative change and agility to meet evolving business needs.

Analyst Quote

“Ensono has a strong lead in the MFaaS space in the U.S. Public Sector due to its focus on the sector, strong partnerships and flexibility.”

Peter Crocker, ISG Lead Analyst

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