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Global software business optimizes Microsoft 365 environment to stay secure and connected to clients during COVID-19

What we achieved together


Microsoft 365 environments optimised

The client

This software development business is a major global brand, with a long-established reputation for trusted and secure solutions for clients. The business works around the world, providing market-leading services for major transnational organizations – particularly for many major banks and other financial institutions. 

The obstacles faced

The client had faced persistent problems with agility, held back by its scale and multiple outsourced services including its SI. COVID-19 only made these problems worse. As staff were forced to work from home, many teams struggled to communicate with clients via a mix of mobile and Skype. This stemmed from broader issues with the business’ Microsoft 365 environment, with configuration problems hampering how the team utilized services like Microsoft Outlook & Teams. 

The journey

The team turned to Ensono to help them optimize the organization’s use of Microsoft 365 to stay connected with clients and boost productivity at a time of maximum business need. An Ensono consultant & engineer conducted an initial review on-site, under full supervision of the client. The review identified multiple issues in the Microsoft 365 environment, ranging from an incomplete set-up of key features, to replicated mail domains and misconfiguration of Microsoft Teams. Third party security products in use with Microsoft 365 were also affecting the functionality for users. 

Ensono created a license roadmap to ensure the business maximized the use of features for its specific needs. In addition, the client was provided with a comprehensive package of rules & recommendations for secure access to systems (vital for remote working in the COVID-19 lockdown) with a new conditional access policy and the roll out of data leak prevention.


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