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Speak Up: Bringing More Women’s Voices to Tech Conferences

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Companies Have the Opportunity to Elevate Women Leaders and Shift the Perception of Tech Conferences as Male-Dominated Events

The tech industry’s struggle to offer a level playing field is apparent in the lack of women in conference speaker lineups across the globe. But a prominent place on the stage isn’t the only place women are difficult to find. Expert panels that populate the convention halls often feel lopsided — 70 percent of women who have spoken on one report being the “lone woman” among the participants. The disparity is even apparent outside of the normal programming. Women’s restrooms devoid of lines — as one Ensono leader experienced and shared via social media — are one of many subtle yet powerful examples that everyone can do a better job creating a more representative environment.

Despite a clear demand for more female voices among keynote speaker lineups and panel presentations, some of the world’s largest tech conferences continue to feature male-dominated programming and a 4:1 ratio of male to female speakers — a trend that has women thinking twice about their attendance at these events.

In this free report, you’ll find:

  • A three-year breakdown of the men and women who have spoken at some of the world’s largest tech conferences.
  • In-depth statistics outlining the attitudes and experiences of women who have attended tech conferences around the globe.
  • Practical strategies for companies who want to further their commitment toward gender representation in tech.

We analyzed speaker lineups from some of the most recognizable global conferences and took the pulse of the women that have attended them. While these conferences have shown improvement in their inclusion efforts, there is also significant change that is still needed to address the concerns raised by the women surveyed.

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