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Nearly half of organisations fail to use the full set of applications available with Microsoft 365

London, UK – January 25, 2022 – New research from leading end-to-end managed services provider Ensono shows that nearly half of organisations are not using the full set of features and applications available in Microsoft 365. Most notably, many enterprises are neglecting the cybersecurity features available in the platform, leaving them open to vulnerabilities.

Since the onset of the pandemic, platforms and tools such as Microsoft 365 have enabled businesses to successfully adapt to the new working world.

Ensono surveyed IT decision makers who use Microsoft 365 to understand how organisations configure the platform for their businesses. 83% of those surveyed stated that their current Microsoft 365 arrangement is invaluable to effective business operations, while 72% believe the current setup provides value for money.

Although most businesses are happy with their Microsoft 365 set up, many are not taking full advantage of what the package has to offer. In particular, a large proportion of companies are not making use of built in security features. Ensono’s research found that:

  • 38% are not using multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Only 43% have Conditional Access Controls in place (CAC)
  • 46% do not have data loss prevention (DLP) or data classification configured

Of those surveyed that reported a Microsoft 365-related breach, 42% were linked to files being shared with external parties and 37% were due to the impersonation of a compromised account. These incidents could be better protected against with the correct implementation of MFA and CAC.

Simon Ratcliffe, Principal Consultant at Ensono, said: “While Microsoft 365 has proven invaluable for enterprises undergoing rapid transformation, not all companies have set up the platform in an optimal manner for their business. Microsoft 365 licensing inefficiencies remain a persistent problem in the market today, with firms creating additional costs by investing in third party tools already available as part of their Microsoft 365 package. With optimisation and the implementation of key security features, the platform can provide a better and more secure experience for its users.

“However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for every business. Each organisation is unique, and therefore security requirements and the needs of users will vary. When reviewing an organisation’s Microsoft 365 configuration, it is essential that the process is led every step of the way by the business context. Following a review, the Microsoft 365 environment can be optimised for specific business requirements, including maximising the use of Microsoft 365 features to match the needs of the organisation, and creating a security set-up tailored to the cybersecurity posture of the business.”

About the research: Ensono surveyed 251 UK IT decision makers whose organisations use Microsoft 365 between 18th and 20th October 2021. Respondents were from a range of different organisations, varying in size from small business employing 1-10 people, to large firms with 10,000+ staff.

About Ensono

Ensono helps IT leaders to harness the power of hybrid cloud to transform their businesses. We collaborate with our clients to drive better business outcomes through purpose-built, workload-optimized technology solutions. Our expertise spans across all business-critical platforms, from mainframe to cloud, so we can meet clients wherever they are in their digital transformation journeys, offering 24/7 support. We are certified experts in AWS, Azure and Google Cloud, and recognised as Microsoft Datacenter Transformation Partner of the Year. Ensono has over 2,600 associates around the world, with its UK offices in Caerphilly and Staines-upon-Thames, as well as offices in the United States, Germany, Poland and India. Visit us at www.ensono.com.

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