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Meaningful Relationships Build High Performing Teams

Abbie Hudson

Abbie Hudson
Sales Apprentice

I am feeling on cloud nine after the EU Ensono team got together for a two-day sales enablement event recently. This event was hosted at Mercedes Benz World and was a great opportunity to see all associates unite post-Covid-19. The sales enablement event was extremely purposeful for delivering strategic training which is new and relevant, and the perfect opportunity for the culture within Ensono to thrive.

This time was carefully planned, allowing time for two fantastic external speakers. Dr. Cameron Nichol (once a member of the GB Olympic rowing team) presented on what it means to have an ‘Elite Athlete Mindset’. Cameron discussed that achieving goals must have meaning behind them. The ‘what, why, and how’ were used as an example; What are you doing? How are you doing it? Why are you doing it? We used this initiative for an open discussion and unpicked that, while teamwork and dedication are extremely significant elements for achieving goals, ensuring you have recovery time is equally as important. After the two jam-packed days, I am certain we will all use our recovery time wisely.

Andy Whyte, the CEO of MEDDIC introduced the sales methodology ‘MEDDPICC’, which has been recently adopted by Ensono. A great public speaker who helped convey the benefits of using a qualification framework in our work and providing a plan for associates to clarify opportunities are being chased with meaningful intent. Andy made an insightful statement that too many organisations look from their own business perspectives instead of focusing on their client’s perspective. This summarised exactly how I want to chase my own future opportunities by ensuring the clients perspective is placed first.

To ‘Make Better Happen’ it was important to update all associates on how we’ve refreshed ourselves as Ensono and Ensono Digital. We presented fresh training on the art of selling that included the information needed to communicate what we do here at Ensono. Another valuable use of time was focusing on the art of storytelling. Being able to communicate Ensono’s successes and examples of how we help organisations was hugely important, so we do this clearly and accurately. It was fascinating to develop case studies of our clients into stories and realise that each story has a structure. This was a positive session as some associates would re-tell a story which was explained by the presenter using their own pitching skills. I was asked to stand up and deliver a story which I personally felt was difficult to understand. I ended up saying towards the end that ‘I don’t know’. This taught me two main things; never to try explaining technical things you are unsure about, and that saying, ‘I don’t know’, when needed, is the best way to learn and grow.

The skills of our client engagement team were also a key focus point. The content delivery and storytelling were a smooth avenue into asking each sales associate to deliver a pitch on an area of our services and tie it in through a client success story. We were given a short period to prepare the content of our pitch (for example Ensono Digital). The feedback on any good elements or areas needing improvement was essential for learning good presenting habits. Of course, this wouldn’t have been a true Ensono task without healthy competition and we were scored out of 10 by 5 of our senior leaders. I found this extremely nerve-wracking because of my experiences earlier in the event. However, although I was incredibly nervous, it made me want to prove my true skills and personality which motivated me to deliver a compelling pitch. After being myself and networking during the event, I felt extremely comfortable in front of our team when it was time for my pitch. Safe to say everyone was proud of how I had improved with a small amount of preparation, I was even told it was like gold dust (I also managed to earn myself a bottle of champagne!)

Team building was also a hugely positive cultural outcome of the sales enablement event, which involved everyone partaking in an instrumental drumming band. Five instruments were divided up between the team and we were given different beats to follow. The different rhythms, which were then tied together, were a great example of how teamwork is essential for us. Without everyone being dedicated and involved in playing their instrument correctly, we wouldn’t have had a band. While I can sometimes feel team building can be daunting, I learned stepping out of your comfort zone will lead to the best experiences. This was a great example of my favourite statement from the day ‘meaningful relationships build high performing teams’.

While at Mercedes Benz World, it made sense to continue the competition when it came to experiencing the Mercedes F1 car simulation. After day one of the event, dinner and drinks were provided, as the perfect way for all associates to network. It is a brilliant feeling to be at work and feel you have built genuine relationships with the people you’re surrounded by. It has made me feel more motivated to highly achieve.

Overall, the sales enablement event was successful by training and bringing together each associate to become a closely aligned team. With an extremely fun location and warm weather, the culture at Ensono is without doubt thriving, and we have truly earned the recovery time mentioned by Cameron Nichol.

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