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Ensono Academies

We empower the next generation of IT leaders with our Internship Academy, Mainframe Academy, Cloud Academy and Junior Academy.

Jumpstart your IT career and join our global team of innovators

At Ensono, our commitment to continuous growth reaches beyond our hybrid IT services. We’re dedicated to nurturing talented individuals to dream big and build bigger. Beyond introducing our interns to the world of IT, our programs are built to help them cultivate Ensono’s values of passion, collaboration and curiosity. 

Our diverse perspectives on business and hybrid IT mean we offer a variety of programs that will help you achieve your goals. Ensono Academy consists of four unique internship opportunities that enable you to learn from skilled mentors and apply training to real-world challenges. Whether you’re interested in marketing, mainframes or cloud, Ensono will help you master it all. If you’re committed to growth, innovation and excellence, read more about our programs below.

Empowering you to grow your tech skillset — no matter where you are in your career

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Junior Academy

Ensono Junior Academy

Looking for a head start on the IT world? Ensono is dedicated to developing the next generation of technical talent through Ensono Junior Academy — a two-year internship for high school juniors and seniors. During the school year EJA interns complete coursework, learn about Ensono and develop their professional skills. Over the summer interns dive into technical training and put learning into context. Throughout the internship, EJA interns are supported with one-to-one mentors from within Ensono who guide the students while they develop a unique and well-rounded set of skills for the professional world. Then, upon high school graduation, students in the program have the opportunity to join Ensono as entry-level mainframe associates. Begin your professional journey and join Ensono Junior Academy today.

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Ensono Academy

Ensono Internship Academy

Ensono Internship Academy is a 12-week business internship that is based in Downers Grove, Illinois. This academy offers experience in marketing, sales, human resources and other roles, serving as an entry point to the world of IT business through Ensono. Throughout the program interns will receive professional development training, covering topics such as communication, personal branding and project management. Begin your professional journey and join Ensono Internship Academy today.

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Mainframe Academy

Ensono Mainframe Academy

Future proof your resume with Mainframe Academy. Mainframe Academy is a 12-week, virtual summer internship program that provides a foundational understanding of mainframe, hardware, networking, databases, storage, automation, scheduling and more through hands-on activities and mentoring. In this program, we challenge you to practice creative thinking and create friendly competition between associates. This role may become a part-time or full-time position within Ensono’s Mainframe Academy (MFA) program. Begin your professional journey and join Ensono Mainframe Academy today.

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Cloud Academy

Ensono Cloud Academy

Ensono Cloud Academy is your entry point into a thriving tech industry. You don’t need a four-year degree or prior tech experience to succeed in this program — the Cloud Academy is open to everyone at any skill level. As a 24-month coaching, certification and mentorship program based in Downers Grove, Illinois, this program focuses on MS Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). The program is broken up into three phases: Cloud Foundation Training, Cloud Role and Technical Training and Field Training. Begin your professional journey and join Ensono Cloud Academy today.

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