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Our Google Cloud partnership: Delivering industry-focused public cloud capabilities and multi-cloud expertise

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Our Google Cloud partnership: Delivering industry-focused public cloud capabilities and multi-cloud expertise

By now, you might have heard the big news: Ensono has been recognized as a member of the Google Cloud Partner Advantage program. This invitation-only program enhances Ensono’s multi-cloud credentials, which helps us better serve organizations across industries — regardless of their public cloud provider. 

Our partnership follows our acquisition of Amido, a UK-based cloud native company. With Amido’s Google Cloud expertise and our partnership in tandem, we provide IT management solutions and cloud native tools as more organizations migrate to Google Cloud Platform (GCP). 

For us, our Google partnership means we can deliver on our promise of complete multi-cloud capabilities. But what does it mean for our clients? We’ll dive into the benefits of GCP and explain how Ensono’s partnership empowers our clients to achieve their multi-cloud goals.

How is GCP powering multi-cloud strategies across industries?

Google Cloud has proven itself more than a niche player in the cloud market. With a 54% year-over-year revenue increase in the second quarter of 2021, GCP is growing fast — staking a claim in industries with unique public cloud needs. 

Google is the first provider to offer an industry vertical cloud. By bringing on industry professionals and building specialized knowledge, Google creates cloud solutions for highly regulated businesses.

Google continues to help companies with complex IT structures gain tailor-made cloud capabilities while remaining secure and compliant. Google Cloud provides solutions for a few industry verticals, including:

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  • Healthcare: GCP enables life science and healthcare organizations to provide secure patient support, and use visualization tools and dashboards to access patient and business insights.
  • Retail: GCP empowers retailers to make data-driven decisions and prepare for peak season demand with capacity planning and reliability testing.
  • Financial services: Google Cloud is certified against the highest possible global security and privacy standards. This enables its partners to protect sensitive data with identity management, network security and threat detection.

Beyond focused capabilities, Google provides industry-leading query tools and applications. Powered by Google’s search engine expertise, GCP’s BigQuery enables analysis of petabytes of data, so you can instantly access insights across your business. Meanwhile, Anthos unifies infrastructure management to streamline operations and modernization processes. 

Whether you are looking to Google Cloud as your preferred cloud provider or are using it as a part of your multi-cloud strategy, GCP delivers solutions made to meet industry best practices.

Navigate Google Cloud migration with a managed service provider

It’s clear why more organizations are moving to Google Cloud. But without the right partner to manage your GCP, you might lack the resources to standardize public cloud security, data placement or monitoring processes.

With our Google partnership and acquisition of Amido, we provide cloud native consultancy, engineering, monitoring and management to empower you to take full advantage of GCP capabilities. We offer our clients:

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  • Technical expertise: As an existing Google partner, Amido brings 10 years of experience, cloud native skills and unique IP to help our clients optimize the Google Cloud design, build and management. Together, we fill the skills gaps on your internal team to innovate and drive tangible business outcomes.
  • A true multi-cloud experience: With Ensono’s support available across major public cloud platforms, you can access the full benefits of multi-cloud and leverage the unique value of different environments.
  • Connected insights: Ensono eliminates silos by enabling you to view cross-platform insights on a single pane of glass. Ensono Envision​​® consolidates information from GCP with insights from your mainframe, private cloud and other cloud platforms. The result? You identify trends and optimize performance, cost and security across your platforms.

Ensono’s experts work alongside your team to migrate and optimize your Google Cloud platform, empowering you to select the public cloud providers that work best for your business.

Ensono as your Google Cloud partner

Ensono is committed to providing full multi-cloud capabilities for our clients, and our partnership with Google helps us fulfill this mission. By enhancing our Google Cloud capabilities, we offer end-to-end services across GCP, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

We are here to help along the way as you migrate and integrate your Google Cloud architecture. Our decades of mainframe experience enable you to bridge the gap between heritage assets and your GCP environment. In addition, our cloud-agnostic approach means you can access unbiased support, so you know your best interests are always prioritized and your assets are in the right place, at the right time.

With Ensono’s support, you can centralize management with consistent monitoring, security layers and billing systems across Google Cloud, other public cloud environments, private cloud and mainframe infrastructure. This allows you to take full advantage of multi-cloud and hybrid cloud capabilities, driving innovation and business results.

Ready to get started? Learn more about our Google partnership and platform expertise.

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