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Ensono Envision®

Drive innovation, improve performance and optimize costs with deep insights.

Improve visibility and performance across your hybrid estate

To keep up with the pace of digitization, businesses are rushing to modernize and migrate their applications and assets. But even as transformation is required for growth, it breeds complexity. You need easy access to insights to make the right decisions for your business, and layers of environments can cloud your view of your hybrid IT estate.

Our IT insights platform, Ensono Envision, provides a one-of-a-kind combination of people, processes and technology, giving you a single view and broad visibility into your mainframe, infrastructure, cloud environments and applications. We designed Ensono Envision to arm you with insights that help you cut costs, uncover trends and reduce downtime. The result? You catalyze change across your hybrid cloud infrastructure and optimize environments for the future.

  • CheckmarkAccess a single view of your hybrid environments to drive better decision making
  • CheckmarkUncover cross-platform trends and optimize spending and performance
  • CheckmarkReduce downtime with 24/7 monitoring and event correlation

Ensono Envision, an IT insights platform built to power your continuous innovation

Streamline operations with best-in-class technology.

Ensono Envision creates order out of complex hybrid systems by aggregating metrics into a narrative-focused view, flagging server workloads that require optimization. With deep monitoring, event correlation and AIOPs capabilities, you proactively improve operations and mitigate incidents.

Increase service efficiency.

Enable efficient service management with enterprise implementation of ITIL frameworks and advanced monitoring technology. Ensono Envision delivers 24/7 global monitoring and management, giving you a real-time view of ticket status and incident management steps. Combined with workflow automation technology, these capabilities empower you to streamline service tasks and increase efficiency across your hybrid estate.

Improve cross-platform security governance.

We built Ensono Envision to work for your organizations’ unique security needs. Ensono Envision provides transparent insights into diverse security standards across applications and integrates existing security policies by connecting to your CMBD.

Accelerate innovation with a seamless transition to Ensono Envision.

With our ITSM, we prioritize your business goals and enable seamless onboarding processes. We prepare an application integration document, build knowledge models and ensure engagement solution alignment — minimizing disruption as you implement Ensono Envision. Then, our experts work alongside you to transition to your steady state and gain the insights you need to innovate.

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Mitigate silos and disconnection

Around 80% of enterprises either have gaps in monitoring their cloud or are completely blind to it.1 As you integrate new technology, your infrastructure, cloud and application monitoring systems can become disconnected. However, in a hybrid environment, your assets are never truly isolated — and you need integrated insights to optimize performance and drive efficiency. As an IT insights platform built for hybrid environments, Ensono Envision consolidates monitoring capability insights through a single pane of glass. As a result, you can identify trends across your environment and take full advantage of hybrid cloud flexibility and agility.

1 Gartner

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You have the data, but are missing the insights

Your current systems can report on their health, but they don’t drill down to show you patterns, trends and impact. Ensono Envision provides predictive analytics and insight into high-risk changes, so you can identify areas that require improvement and innovate while reducing risk. We work alongside your team to align Ensono Envision solutions to your business goals — ensuring you have the tools you need to optimize your hybrid ecosystem.

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Cut down unanticipated downtime

According to Gartner, the average cost of an hour of downtime is $300,000. Layered, complex environments make it challenging for your team to identify incidents and implement quick solutions. With 24/7 monitoring, you can alleviate end-user impact and proactively remediate incidents. Ensono Envision aggregates performance, ticket and usage metrics while reducing the need for manual intervention. As a result, you can cut down resolution time and decrease incident tickets by 35%.

Ensono Envision resources

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Monitor what matters: Take full advantage of your hybrid environment with Ensono Envision.