Realize the business value of your applications faster with increased agility and velocity.

Business transformation is what cloud technologies ultimately deliver. The key change agent is agility – in product development and testing, in change management and in speed to market, and the key catalyst is automation in DevOps.

Deliver enterprise-class agility

Ensono aims to be the Ops in our clients’ DevOps model. We work closely with your development team so you can embrace the “You build it, you run it” DevOps philosophy without having your developers spend time on underlying infrastructure, platform and operations. Utilizing our team's deep cloud knowledge and experience, we focus on how to make it easier for your product and development team to innovate and launch products continuously.

Fulfill the promise of cloud and DevOps

We ensure your cloud environments are stable, scalable and secure as you go full speed ahead in leveraging cloud technologies to the fullest. Operations are run without getting in the way of rapid deployment and fast code release cycles. Our cross-functional team supports you from end to end, following the same DevOps principle of supporting for what you build, including servicing deploy and transition requests, ops tickets and continuous service improvement (CSI).

Standardize and automate for velocity

  • Infrastructure as code build
  • Environments standardization, including tooling and network layout
  • Configuration Management focusing on standard repeatable builds and subsequent changes
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment, including facilitating Blue/Green deployments, rolling upgrades and immutable autoscale groups
  • Automated deployment of cloud native security capabilities and configurations.

Leverage standard DevOps toolset

  • Terraform for environment blueprinting and Infrastructure as Code
  • Ansible for Configuration Management
  • Bitbucket to manage version controlled templates of all environments
  • Packer for machine image creation and testing
  • Datadog integrated with Ensono Envision IT insights platform for single-pane-of-glass full-stack monitoring with automatic discovery for CMDB ingestion
Ready to start your digital transformation?

Case Study

This international packaging firm increased reliability, performance and savings with Ensono’s cloud solution. A previously satisfied client once again turned to us for experienced help with this new IT challenge, and we delivered with the service excellence the company desperately needed.