Ensono Windows Virtual Desktop Service

Get the agility, control and availability you and your remote workforce need from a Microsoft WVD Advanced Specialization partner


“IDC predicts the total market opportunity for desktop-as-a-service will reach USD2.99 billion by 2021 as customers increasingly seek scalable remote working solutions.”


Ensono’s Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) service provides your distributed workforce with a cost-effective, dynamically scalable, and inherently secure remote working platform. By making use of Windows 10 multi-session hosts, Ensono provides your users with a familiar desktop environment, access to their line of business applications, on any device, from wherever they are. Quite often customers are already licensed for WVD as part of their existing licensing agreements, so the only cost is the Azure usage and Managed WVD service.

Explore your Windows Virtual Desktop opportunity

Why Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), and why now? This video has the answers. From saving costs to improving application performance and the user experience, we look at the opportunities this modern Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) offers your increasingly remote and transformative enterprise.


Understand the benefits to you and your workforce

Scale Elastically

  • Since it’s in the cloud, you can scale elastically. This means you can speed up onboarding/offboarding staff and end user provisioning processes that might otherwise be time consuming and complex.
  • With WVD, you can enable mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, contractors, and temporary project collaboration with partners around the globe using a shared, secure platform.
  • Ensono’s 24x7 monitoring ensures end users’ service availability. We manage the day-to-day ‘dial tone’ across WVD and Azure so your resources are freed up to focus on higher value work rather than keeping the lights on and servers patched.

Optimize TCO

One of the most significant reasons for taking advantage of WVD is the TCO savings potential in four specific areas: 

  1. Avoid the cost of new hardware and high performance devices by using the existing laptop as a thin client to connect to a superpowered desktop in the cloud.
  2. Leverage Ensono’s automation and dynamic scaling to optimize infrastructure use based on user demand.
  3. Avoid for the cost of WVD licensing. Any organization with certain Windows 10 or Microsoft 365 licenses, does not need to pay for additional WVD licensing. Pay only for the capacity you use in Azure, which can be scaled up/down depending on your requirements.
  4. Get a unique cost advantage with a feature called Windows 10 multi-session – it’s the only market option to have multi-user access to use a single Windows 10 virtual machine.

Enhance Security and Compliance

  • WVD is integrated with Azure’s best in class security features, and ability to manage and deploy seamlessly to data centers to meet local compliance and regulation requirements.
  • Easy to add multi-factor authentication and other layered security can be applied to applications and data. Importantly, your data does not leave your Azure environment while users work with it.
  • Ensono performs image patching, automated draining, and refreshing session hosts with new security updates to protect the environment with no impact to end users.

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