AWS Managed Services

Build the right cloud model for your business needs and impact.

Leverage The Advantages of AWS

Out of the 70 percent of businesses who have embarked on their digital transformation journey, Cloud migration is a pillar of almost all of their strategies. 

Ensono’s Managed Public Cloud services enhance scalability, reliability and security, as well as provide flexible options for changing business needs.

  • Financial: Reduced and optimized AWS spend
  • Reduced Risk: Clearer insight into AWS services in use and recommendations for improvement
  • Speed: Accelerate business with public cloud agility
  • Strong Security: Consistent use of automation, integrated security services and additional Ensono security services

Deliver On The Promise of Public Cloud

From activation to innovation, Ensono’s Cloud Transform journey gives you end-to-end services for complete support during your AWS transformation — with full transparency and clear roadmaps for your success. 

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AWS' App2container

The heart of Ensono’s Cloud Transformation for public cloud is workload modernization. AWS’ A2C radically simplifies workload containerization in a repeatable, reliable way that reduces costs and time.

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AWS Migration Services

Your business deserves a seamless and uninterrupted journey to the cloud. Partnering with Ensono, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, you will have a team of expert engineers, architects and consultants to help you plan, design, deploy and execute your migration to AWS.

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Amazon FSx for Windows File Server

Fully managed, flexible file storage built on Windows Server.

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VMware Cloud on AWS

IT leaders are often rushed into the cloud when facing compelling trigger events or critical business needs. However, rapid migration can pose unnecessary and avoidable risks that affect end user experience and hamper your long-term transformation.

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Well-Architected Review

By using AWS’s framework of standards and best practices, we’ll take a close look at your existing architecture to help you avoid cloud pitfalls, consider new AWS services and ensure optimal performance.

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