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Global Risk Management Firm Saves $15.5 Million


A global risk management business has more than 300 million customers over several continents. Its comprehensive portfolio of insurance products and solutions protects consumers’ families, homes, properties, and more. This $6 billion company employs almost 15,000 people worldwide. In 2018, its partners included as many as nine out of the top 20 best global brands.


The company has a $100 million operational cost-savings goal to maximize efficiency and competitiveness. To meet this target, it identified opportunities to reduce its annual in-house mainframe computing cost by $2.8 million and establish a more resilient and secure platform to deliver market-leading services to organizations like JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, T-Mobile, and many more. Executives began discussions with Ensono following a consulting recommendation from Infosys.


Armed with a newfound understanding of the client’s and its stakeholders’ needs, Ensono designed a bespoke solution that would best meet its continuity, service excellence, and growth aspirations to provide a modern, optimized platform.  There was a robust optimization solution designed for the client’s mainframe environment that included remote hosting, software updates and a new disaster recovery solution.  The firm had to be convinced that the solutions were technically, financially, and operationally excellent; and that it was entering a relationship with a partner who shared likewise values and culture.


The Ensono-developed solution won’t just meet the client’s long-term mainframe savings target but exceed it by $2 million and secure a 25% reduction on previous annual costs. Overall, this low-risk transition to Ensono’s remote, fully-supported hosting solution – with extensive associated software updates – is projected to save more than $15.5 million over the term of the five-year agreement. This will help deliver the overall operational savings goal as well as the move to a more resilient, secure, and flexible onshore mainframe infrastructure. Additionally, a new, state-of-the-art disaster recovery solution - based in Omaha, Nebraska - even reduced the company’s potential exposure from days to a few minutes. More so, it replicates the data in three separate systems to ensure rapid recovery and operational continuity: an absolute must to retain the trust of its numerous blue-chip clients.

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