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Senior Project Manager


Manages the development and execution of large complex, multi-phased projects with external project dependencies. Promotes client satisfaction by ensuring project adheres to stakeholder specifications. Responsible for project completion within determined scope, quality, time and cost constraints.

The Project Manager (PM) is responsible for the day-to-day management of client engagement services and solution implementations and will ensure the overall success and delivery of the engagement by employing and adhering to Ensono and industry leading best practices. The PM utilizes established tools and templates, and follows approved processes and methodologies, to successfully execute large and complex transformational engagements. An integral part of this role is to establish, develop, and manage the engagement strategy and the detailed project plan, along with the day-to-day management of the Ensono consulting


Manages the development and execution of large complex, multi-phased projects with external project dependencies. Promotes client satisfaction by ensuring project adheres to stakeholder specifications. Responsible for project completion within determined scope, quality, time and cost constraints.  

  • Initiating:  In-Depth understanding of project management principles and the application thereof.  Expert in project management methodology and solution development methodologies.  Oversees contract file maintenance.  Leads development of SOW or RFP response.  Participates in vendor selection and contracts. 
  • Planning:  Recognized as an expert in project management and solution delivery methodologies.  Responsible for the development of effort estimations utilized in new work proposals.  Defines, organizes and plans project schedules to meet required project timeframes.  Facilitates/leads estimation of moderately complex projects.  Develops project schedule and determines resource needs.  Works closely with resource managers to ensure proper resource allocation to the project. 
  • Executing:  Independently and successfully managed the development and execution of multiple moderately complex, multi phased projects.  Concurrently manages more than one moderately complex, multiple phased projects with cross-functional, cross-organizational teams and/or outside vendors. 
  • Monitoring/Controlling:  Proven strong risk management as a primary management habit.  Proven effective change management skills.  Manages risk planning, analysis, response and control on a scheduled basis across all phases and projects. 
  • Closing:  Recognize and document process improvement opportunities.  Responsible for ensuring all project close out activities are completed and documented. 

PRODUCT/ INDUSTRY KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING: Detailed knowledge of Project Management

SCOPE PLANNING: Resolves potentially conflicting requirements. Coordinates preparation of complete written scope statement spelling out project goals and details ensuring compliance with SLAs (e.g., objectives, justification, deliverables and their relative degree of effort and formality, definitions of terms). Thoroughly understands the project background (e.g., why it is being done, who supports/opposes it, where it is on the client’s priority list, who the client sponsor is). Establishes and obtains key stakeholders’ commitment to the overall project vision. Obtains agreement to an approved, clearly-stated review and approval process. Ensures changes to the project scope are implemented according to the project change management process.

PROJECT INITIATION: Analyzes historical data, identifies areas for improvement and makes recommendations to improve estimates. Coaches others in skills required to plan and estimate resource needs of complex projects. Oversees the development of schedules that result in on-time releases of large and complex projects. Evaluates the effectiveness of key metrics and provides feedback for improvement. Provides subject matter expertise on project metrics and mentoring/training on project initiation, control, and closure.

TIME / COST MANAGEMENT: Manages budgets and timelines of high-level, high-impact, and high-cost client projects. Uses a variety of company and industry sources to assess and predict trends in estimating the resource needs of complex and large projects. Presents and sells project budgets to senior management. Analyzes aggregate budget/expense data across projects and presents trends to executives. Secures needed approval from senior management to changes in project budgets, to accompany changes in project scope. Ensures integration of timelines for multiple projects. Serves as subject-matter expert in project budgeting, cost estimates, and control. Consistently meets profitability and release date objectives of complex projects. Participates/develops project performance in conjunction with pre-sell efforts related to project management activities. Recommends enhancements, improvements or new reporting needs.

COMMUNICATION / ESCALATION MANAGEMENT: Efficiently and accurately conveys information between clients and staff involved in project activities. Develops/implements/updates a communications plan for each project that specifies audience, medium, timeframes, and methods. Uses negotiation skills to reach agreement when there are widely-differing viewpoints. Takes initiative to help the organization communicate and learn from its successes and mistakes. Uses meeting management, conflict management, and presentation techniques, as well as listening skills, to facilitate effective project communications. Employs periodic project reviews and other communication vehicles to actively involve project team in key project or tactical issues. Accurately differentiates issues and determines who needs to be consulted / updated and whether the issue requires escalation. Implements process steps for bringing appropriate project issues to the attention of management. Expedites decision-making on project-related issues (e.g., effectively navigates the matrix, follows project escalation path). Ensures timely delivery of accurate, complete, and concise project status report information.

RISK / ISSUE MANAGEMENT: Has experience using risk management processes (e.g., identification, quantification, response development, response control). Implements strategies to deal with risks and issues affecting the success of the project (e.g., acceptance, avoidance, mitigation). Works with stakeholders to increase their understanding of potential risks and the steps being taken to mitigate them. Objectively analyzes the impact and probability of each risk and the impact of each issue. Uses risk mitigation techniques to lessen the probability, thereby reducing the risk. Involves team members in identifying risks on a regular basis throughout the project. Uses a variety of tools/techniques to quantify risks (e.g., expected monetary value, statistical sums, schedule simulations, decision trees). Uses a variety of approaches (e.g., project team meetings, project status reports, issues logs, risk management work sheets) to keep project risks visible and track changes (e.g., probability, impact, planned risk response). Drives risks and issues to closure. Establishes tolerance levels for issues and triggers for risks.

MENTOR: Consistently provides proven, formal mentorship. High complexity assignments – owner. Moderate complexity assignments – owner (1 or >). Low complexity assignments – provide oversight/review. Regularly leads self and others and/or established as SME and/or established as specialist. Understands how whole picture aligns to overall Acxiom strategy.

SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES This position does not have direct reports but may mentor less experienced associates in the role. 


  • Typically requires a minimum of 8 years of related experience with a Bachelor's degree; or 6 years and a Master's degree; or a PhD with 3 years experience; or equivalent work experience
  • Desired:  6 – 10 years of experience in the field or a related area.    PMP certification required. 
  • Handles projects with a complexity of 3 – 4.

Travel %

  • 10%


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