Ensono M.O.

Ensono M.O. provides complete hybrid IT governance, enabling you to view and control all aspects of your IT estate through a single pane of glass.

Ensono M.O. is a proprietary, software-enabled governance platform that facilitates true hybrid IT integration between different applications and infrastructure platforms. With Ensono M.O., your business and IT departments have the structure they need to align their goals and achieve measurable results that drive your organization forward.

By combining the power of our exceptional people, processes and technology, you receive a real-time, integrated view of your entire IT estate.

Our People

The experts at Ensono are the difference between operational efficiency and service excellence. Our qualified service assurance engineers are available 24/7 and identify 95% of incidents before they become critical. That’s why our engineers have achieved a 100% client referral rating while delivering proactive monitoring and management for all of our clients.

Our Process

Ensono M.O. utilizes a flexible, scalable ITIL process model that puts your business goals at the forefront. Accredited to ISO 20000, the international standard for IT service management excellence, our governance process is specifically designed to automate working practices and drive significant staffing efficiencies while supporting business-critical IT and hybrid IT managed services.

Our Technology

Our unique technology toolset exceeds the capabilities of most IT service management platforms by efficiently codifying best practices and providing a dashboard view of your availability, financials, licensing, security, enterprise architecture and data. Refined over two decades of successful client application, this unique technology provides an exceptional level of automation that allows operators to close down incidents, maintain high availability and deliver an unprecedented level of service.