Ensono manages your network in your environment or hosts it in our data centre.

Your organisation demands a network that’s current, available, and scalable—but the capital investment required to keep up to date is better spent on applications that build your business. Ensono offers an OpEx-based solution that allows you to scale your network up or down as your needs change. Our experienced professionals will ensure that your network devices and software are up to the minute and optimised. And our network services can be remotely delivered in your existing data centres, Ensono data centres, or in the public cloud.

Your network benefits include:

  • Choose from CapEx and OpEx consumption models that provide financial flexibility.
  • Built-in technology refreshes and upgrades ensure currency.
  • We provide the data centre LAN, WAN, load balancer, firewall, and VPN services paired up with next-generation network monitoring and analytics that ensure your end-users are able to access your applications.
  • Managed customer platforms include Cisco, F5, Check Point, Palo Alto, and more.

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Case Study

Ensono developed an Application-Aware Network Performance Monitoring (AANPM) solution that provides an integrated view from multiple data sources, combining SNMP polling, flow analysis and IP packet analysis into a single, correlated customizable interface.

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