Hybrid DDoS Mitigation Services

Protecting your IT systems against increasing cyber security threats.

Planning for DDoS attack detection and mitigation is critical to your organisation due to the growing frequency and severity of denial-of-service attacks. These cyber security threats impact virtually every industry and business area exposed to the internet. Preparedness rather than reacting to attacks is key to minimising costs and reducing the risk of related security breaches.

Ensono’s Hybrid DDoS Mitigation services provide state-of-the-art protection, from automated detection and mitigation in our data centres to cloud-based mitigation and fully managed services.

Our Hybrid DDoS Mitigation service benefits include:

  • Equipped to handle very large attacks (100s of Gbps).
  • DDoS Security Operations Centre staffed 24/7 with DDoS mitigation specialists.
  • Continuous peacetime and ‘during attack’ signalling.
  • Automatic diversion of traffic via cloud scrubbing centre.
  • Optimal combination of Ensono data centre detection, mitigation appliances, and high-capacity cloud-based scrubbing centre.

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