Disaster Recovery

Comprehensive disaster recovery services with dedicated capacity and guaranteed recovery.

Put your mainframe disaster recovery plans in the experienced hands of Ensono’s professionals. We offer expertise across a wide range of industries for hosted and remotely managed environments. Our dedicated capacity guarantees your disaster recovery is always a priority and, in many cases, still cost-effective. And our flexible solutions and testing schedules give you an array of RPO/RTO options to meet your business objectives.

Your disaster recovery benefits include:

  • A menu of solutions to fit any budget.
  • Flexible testing options meet your team’s work hours, whether you want to test around the clock or by shifts to minimise disruption.
  • We help revise and improve your disaster recovery plans through testing and interaction between tests.

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'Ensono’s team of experts have provided exemplary services for the systems they manage … The Ensono team has been a partner in the truest sense'.

Kevin Hoople

Vice President IT, Lawson

Disaster Recovery Insights

Wednesday, September 6, 2017
Ken Harper, Director, Mainframe Services