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Transformation of Mission-Critical Platforms

Ensono delivers complete hybrid cloud solutions tailored to your unique transformation journey and aligned to your business objectives.

You must reinvent how IT delivers value to your organization.

Ensono’s approach to digital transformation helps your organization become more agile and flexible, enter new markets more quickly, uncover more opportunities for streamlining and savings, and take advantage of new technologies to help you serve your customers better. Your mission-critical platforms and applications must continuously modernize and evolve to unlock the true value of data, and unleash emerging technologies that give you a competitive edge.

Ensono’s proven capabilities from mainframe to cloud give you a unique perspective to fully understand your entire IT environment from end-to-end. As your relentless ally, we will develop the transformation solution that is right for you and where you want to go.

Ensono’s outcome-driven transformation solutions make your business goals a reality.

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Control the overwhelming complexity of IT

Organizations must learn how to embrace the challenge of complex hybrid IT environments and leverage them for competitive advantage — or face extinction. You need to focus not only on your own adoption of technology, but anticipate how your customers will use technology for products and services today and in the future. You’re tasked with simultaneously managing a growing number of applications and workloads in a sprawling hybrid cloud environment, but also confronting increased risks around security, compliance and governance. Ensono can help you tame this complexity and harness it to focus on your business goals — whether it’s to architect, build and run mission-critical mainframe platforms, or manage large-scale hybrid cloud migrations.

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Drive essential business outcomes

Today more than ever, IT teams must help their organizations become more agile and scale quickly to adapt in the face of upheaval and changing business conditions. You must align your IT spend to maximize IT’s positive impact on business objectives and outcomes, focusing on delivering value to the business rather than viewing your hybrid IT through the lens of staffing and technical requirements. This means changing your organization’s mindset to one that sees IT as an investment (rather than an expense). At Ensono, we start by determining your current and future business demands based on your capabilities and business model. Then, we implement a personalized approach to the transformation of mission-critical platforms aimed at helping you find the right places for your workloads, with decisions driven by your business objectives.

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Design your roadmap to growth and innovation

Competing in today’s business environment requires continuous IT modernization — moving some workloads, applications or infrastructure to the cloud while maintaining the security and stability of existing environments. Every organization has a different combination of on-premises and cloud infrastructure as they continue to transform their mission-critical platforms. You need to  leverage the right mix of technology to access and maximize the capabilities of the cloud — while protecting critical data and workloads where they drive better business outcomes, faster value delivery and sustainable ROI. Ensono’s nimble approach to hybrid cloud transformation creates a catalyst for growth and innovation, optimizing your entire IT ecosystem not just based on your technical requirements, but on your business, security and governance needs. 

Client success with transformation of mission-critical platforms

Explore client success with Ensono’s transformation of mission critical platforms.

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