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Security Advisory + Consulting

A virtual CSO keeps you on top of your organization’s cybersecurity. Tap into the best senior talent to help improve your security strategy, ensure compliance and enhance your security maturity.

An expert CSO that works with your team.

Having an expert CSO working with your crew creates a clear security path to a smooth business transformation, without additional overhead costs.

A virtual CSO can support your organization’s CSO efforts of growing security requirements or specific projects. 

Not budgeted for a full-time CSO? Our IT security consulting services provide a wealth of in-depth expertise in IT security strategy, risk management, IT security policies and security maturity.

  • CheckmarkBring decades of security consulting expertise to your team
  • CheckmarkAssess your security maturity level by experts

Tailor-made for your needs

Utilizing decades of expertise, we offer customized security consulting services. Your virtual CSO and our team of experts sync top-of-the-line packaged offerings with a tailored approach to improve your security.

Industry-leading partnerships

Establish consistency in your security approach with our end-to-end service. From technology advisory and implementation to see-through remediation projects, deliver follow-up recommendations and more. We’ve got you covered.

Security management

Your virtual CSO can perform a security maturity assessment to determine where to focus your security efforts, identify vulnerabilities and assist with remediation. Afterward, our continual cycle of review ensures ongoing security expertise for your organization.

Get comprehensive visibility and protection with top-level expertise

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Keep security tight in complex hybrid environments

Every organization nowadays faces the burden of an increasingly complex security environment. The mix of public and private clouds with on-premises legacy systems makes keeping security consistent and tight across environments a challenge. A virtual CSO gives you visibility and insight to ensure your infrastructure is secure and all your security efforts are successful.

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Ensure compliance in heavily regulated industries

Organizations in regulated environments require periodic audits to maintain data privacy and security regulations. Our experts are ready to help to navigate the complexities of regulations like HIPAA, HITECH, PCI-DSS, GDPR and more. Your virtual CSO will conduct security assessments, provide recommendations and ensure you establish solid security controls.

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Accessing top of the line security

Acquiring the expertise needed to secure state of art security technologies is a challenge for many organizations without the budget for an in-house CSO. This level of expertise is difficult and expensive to achieve for an in-house team. A virtual CSO can provide expertise in critical application environments such as the mainframe or security maturity without the need to hire a full-time in-house employee.

Top of industry expertise gives your organization a competitive advantage.

Our security consultants have decades of experience as CSOs in top organizations and government offices at state and federal levels. This expertise translates into a comprehensive security service to achieve your organization’s security goals.

Leverage a top security framework assessment of your security maturity.

Mitigate your risks by evaluating your vulnerabilities, security gaps, and compliance with security controls, with the advantage of having skilled and experienced professionals overseeing the implementation. We support CIS and NIST frameworks.

Identify security risks and vulnerabilities before attackers.

We bring the expertise needed to perform in-house security activities like defining and strengthening security policies, and providing recommendations. Our security consulting team conducts penetration testing and assessments to discover and mitigate risks before they become a breach.

Acquire the best security stack for your needs.

We guide our clients on purchasing the right technology choices and a thorough implementation to ensure your security technology stack provides the best outcome on security controls.

Client success with Ensono’s security consulting services

Security consulting resources

View our security consulting resources and learn how to keep mission-critical assets secure in hybrid environments.

Reduce risks while streamlining compliance.