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Reimagine Transformation Program

Achieve business transformation by aligning your organization’s goals and IT.

No matter your level of IT complexity, we help you transform by rethinking what’s possible.

Successful enterprises have an ability to regularly reimagine what’s possible rather than embrace the status quo. A partner in innovation, we can help even the largest and most complex organizations accelerate their digital transformation by embracing the benefits of hybrid IT. We empower you to optimize and modernize your high-volume data digital ecosystem by finding a harmonious and efficient balance between your legacy systems and cutting-edge technologies.

Experienced in a variety of industries, our world-class consultants guide you through a multi-step, multi-platform process to align your business requirements to your technology journey. We gain insights into your current infrastructure and business goals, create a strategy to attain the desired outcome and provide safe passage from your current to future state — guaranteed.

  • CheckmarkUse data insights to identify key areas for transformation
  • CheckmarkStrategize on an intentional infrastructure
  • CheckmarkSimplify, consolidate and migrate as needed

Immediate cost savings

As we continuously consider your business needs, we consolidate and provide flexible outsourcing models and hosting solutions to improve and lower your operating costs.

Focus on your business

We take the non-differentiating components of your IT portfolio off your plate, so you can get back to focusing on your organization’s core, revenue-generating mission while our team manages the rest.

Guaranteed outcomes

When we map out the proposed journey from your current to future state to achieve specific outcomes, we stand by those recommendations. As we execute, any changes or additional expenses we encounter are on us.

We rebuild your plane while you fly it — keeping your systems up and running as we work to transform it.

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It’s hard to innovate while jumping through the everyday hoops of keeping your business operational. You likely have neither the time or staff to devote to R&D, nor the luxury of shutting down to work on upgrades. That’s why many businesses focus on keeping their systems up and running, without taking the time to consider improvements down the road. We take that weight off your shoulders, ensuring your business can continue to operate as usual while we look ahead to what’s possible.

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Many businesses lack the broad IT knowledge or bandwidth to strategize and execute on significant infrastructure changes and worry about the inherent risks involved in any major transformation. By partnering with our consultants who guarantee outcomes, we alleviate those concerns.

Hybrid assessments

We conduct a full assessment of your current estate and leverage that data to define a multi-platform transformation and complete phased migrations.

Data center transformation

No capital investment is required for this as-a-service infrastructure model that includes automated provisioning of all core services and conversation from peak capacity, to capacity on demand.

Cloud transformation

We help you begin the cloud adoption journey by defining a Cloud Adoption Framework that includes a cloud operations model and cloud security framework.

Mainframe modernization

Our experts establish ways to stabilize workloads while seeking transformation opportunities through ongoing optimization and MIPS reduction, consideration of service augmentation and leveraging mainframe data, and creating a long-term strategy to offload workloads to preferable platforms.

Operations optimization

We transition operational support for platform and operation system to an as-a-service model, establish year-over-year efficiency targets and SLA metrics.

IT service management maturity

Our consultants provide monitoring and performance reporting while managing capacity and integrating overall transformation governance.

Client success with our reimagine transformation program

Reimagine transformation resources

Learn more about what Reimagine Transformation services can do for your business.

Don’t settle for the status quo. Reimagine a better future for your business through hybrid IT.