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AWS Consulting

Drive innovation, improve agility and scale effortlessly with AWS services. Leverage Ensono’s extensive AWS expertise to build your cloud-first strategy.

Awards, certifications + accreditations

Build and optimize a hybrid, multi-cloud strategy with the breadth of AWS services.

Too many companies overpay for cloud and underutilize its potential. Ensono, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, distinguishes itself from the competition with an unparalleled expertise in managing mission-critical workloads from mainframe to cloud, and everything in between. Ensono’s AWS consulting experts help private and public sector organizations with complex IT infrastructures transform from legacy systems to more efficient hybrid models, including migration acceleration and modernization programs for Windows on AWS. Let Ensono help you make the most of your AWS investment — with optimized processes, lower costs, improved performance, and security and governance.

Ensono’s advisory and consulting practice includes assessments and services to maximize your business objectives. With more than 165 AWS certifications and 700+ AWS accreditations under our belt, we stay on the cutting edge of AWS’ cloud services and solutions so you don’t have to. We start by assessing your existing environment, then help you understand your options, and identify, develop and deploy solutions that help you achieve smarter business outcomes to fully leverage the innovation and flexibility of AWS. Ensono does the planning, migration, modernization and optimization required so that you can focus on core business tasks. Every business has different cloud needs, and our AWS consulting services are customized for your unique applications and business goals, providing a flexible foundation for your digital transformation.

  • CheckmarkWide-ranging assessments of your existing environment
  • CheckmarkTCO analysis
  • CheckmarkTransformation planning
  • CheckmarkOptimization and Licensing Assessment (funded by AWS and Ensono)
  • CheckmarkCAF guidance
  • CheckmarkWell-Architected Reviews
  • CheckmarkHealth checks
  • CheckmarkMigration (including mainframe and midrange)
  • CheckmarkLanding zone design and creation


Ensono is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, acting as your single point of contact for all AWS services. This model enables us to offer continuous fully managed service with flexible terms, allowing you to avoid lock-in and freely move applications between environments as needed.


One obstacle to cloud migration is a fear of incurring downtime in central business functions that run on legacy systems.  Ensono has automated processes to migrate your workloads to AWS without interrupting existing systems. According to a recent Deloitte survey1, IT leaders increasingly seek out hybrid migration models where mainframes and cloud technology can happily coexist. Ensono’s AWS consultants create an application migration roadmap, focusing on core system improvements rather than reinventing what already works, and migrating workloads when it makes sense.

1 Deloitte

Improved governance and security

According to Flexera, security and governance are two of the top three cloud challenge in 2021.1 Don’t let a cloud first strategy put security and governance last. Lack of visibility, control and expertise can present risk to your organization — particularly its security and governance controls. Ensono’s AWS consultants design and deliver a secure, compliant AWS environment tailored to your regulatory and compliance requirements.

1 Flexera, 2021 State of the Cloud Report

Unlocking the true value of AWS possibilities requires a trusted and proven partner like Ensono.

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Escalating costs

Organizations self-report that 30% of their cloud spend is wasted.2 Cloud pricing structures can be difficult to decipher and you are probably not taking full advantage of AWS cost opportunities like AWS Reserved Instances, Spot Instances, transition to PaaS services and migration funding programs. Avoid lock-in and unlock savings with Ensono’s flexible consumption-based pricing.

2 Flexera, 2021 State of the Cloud Report

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Performance and operational excellence

Our consultants are leading AWS specialists who can assess your current IT and build a strategy that prioritizes fast, reliable performance — and help you bring it to fruition through our end-to-end cloud migration framework. Ensono’s hybrid cloud and multi-cloud expertise sets us apart from other managed service providers and gives you unparalleled our cross-platform expertise, meaning that no environment is left unoptimized. Backed by decades of public cloud, private cloud and data center experience, we assess your environment to craft an AWS strategy that accelerates your transformation and improves performance.

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Our certified AWS consultants will design your AWS environment according to your security, compliance and technical requirements for faster deployments. With AWS, you can improve your ability to meet core security and compliance requirements. AWS also allows you to automate manual security tasks so you can shift your focus to scaling and innovating your business.

Never let your cloud settle at “good enough.”

With Ensono’s proven Cloud Transformation Framework, we assess and design your target cloud environment, migrate your assets using AWS expertise, then help you run and continuously innovate your cloud environment.

Cloud Activate

Ensono’s offering provides you with a comprehensive understanding of what AWS can do for your business. Through an overview workshop and a wide array of assessments on your current environment, we can work together to form a strategy, create a cloud architecture target and design, as well as deployment and application piloting.

Cloud Migrate

We then create a repeatable process that automates the migration of applications and workloads to AWS on a schedule to suit your organization. It includes a tiered cost model based on complexity, assigned engineers, bi-weekly application migration timeslots, project management, and DevOps and consultancy support.

Mainframe Application and Data Migration to AWS

Ensono has decades of mainframe experience running, optimizing and modernizing business critical mainframe systems for our clients. Our Mainframe Consulting team and our ExperThinkTM AI automated refactoring toolset, combined with Universal Data ConverterTM, our legacy data conversion software, enables us to convert and migrate mainframe applications to AWS. Our experts optimize workloads for AWS and deploy them into production with seamless cutover. We enable a new lease of life for your business applications off the mainframe and on AWS by converting them to Java, C# or COBOL.NET, with relational and PaaS databases in the AWS cloud. To learn more visit ExperSolve an Ensono Company’s site here

AWS Well-Architected Review

By using AWS’s framework of standards and best practices, we’ll take a close look at your existing architecture to help you avoid cloud pitfalls and recommend optimizations using new AWS services to ensure optimal performance. Ensono is one of a few selected AWS partners certified to deliver Well-Architected Reviews. The framework aligns across five pillars of architecture excellence: Cost Optimization, Reliability, Security, Performance Efficiency and Operational Excellence.

VMware Cloud on AWS

IT leaders are often rushed into the cloud when facing compelling trigger events or critical business needs. However, rapid migration can pose unnecessary and avoidable risks that affect end user experience and hamper your long-term transformation. Ensono’s Managed VMware Cloud on AWS solution helps you migrate quickly with the lowest risk and then transform inside the AWS Cloud.

Client success with AWS consulting

AWS consulting resources

Our experts provide a variety of resources to inform your hybrid transformations.

Capitalize on your AWS investment, wherever you are in the cloud.