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How to Gain Flexibility and Optimize Spending In Your Private Cloud

January 20, 2022 | Best practices

Andri Sianipar

Andri Sianipar
Global Vice President, Infrastructure Line of Business

Jake Lindquist

Jake Lindquist
Product Marketing Manager, Infrastructure

Key takeaways: 

  • The private cloud provides businesses more oversight and flexibility over assets and applications. However, when managing their private cloud environment alone, businesses have more responsibility for cost control and often lack the resources to keep private cloud spending on track. 
  • Private cloud providers like Ensono help you manage costs and deliver management services that eliminate resource drain and keep cloud spending down. 
  • By providing expertise that helps you reduce costs while gaining enhanced security, flexible support, automated disaster recovery and self-consumption, Ensono Private Cloud enables you to optimize your infrastructure, no matter where you are on your transformation journey.  

Experts predict more than 90% of businesses will rely on hybrid cloud infrastructure by 2022 — and private cloud is an essential part of these strategies. The private cloud delivers enterprise value by increasing security and enhancing business control, flexibility and visibility over cloud assets within a cloud infrastructure reserved for one client at a time. 

However, this flexibility requires more responsible cost control. When businesses build or manage their own private cloud but lack internal expertise, costs can quickly accumulate. 

With expert private cloud providers, you can create a cost strategy to overcome common cloud cost mistakes and optimize private cloud utilization.  

Drive efficiency with private cloud providers 

Without the right expertise, private cloud costs can quickly become one of the highest line items in your budget. A private cloud provider makes it easier for your team to manage costs, mitigate skills gaps and take advantage of private cloud flexibility. Ensono Private Cloud provides access to:  

  • Software-Defined Networking (SDN): Decrease network administration costs and streamline management using fewer business resources. SDN enables built-in security practices, automation and control that helps cut down on the resources you need to manage your private cloud.    
  • Disaster Recovery (DR) environment flexibility: Ensure you have access to all your private cloud resources, all the time. With many private cloud providers, you pay for a DR environment that is only used when an event is triggered. Ensono Private Cloud allows you to leverage DR capacity for development and experimentation when it is available.  
  • Self-service: Reduce cost and time to market by controlling your environment through a web-based portal or configuration management tool. With a cloud that is consumable through self-service, you avoid building in extra processes, free up your IT team’s time and save costs.  

In addition to these capabilities, Ensono delivers access to different management levels to help you fill internal skills gaps and optimize costs across your cloud environment. We offer fully managed, co-managed and self-managed options, so you select the support level that fits with your business’ current state and shifts with you as you grow.   

Optimize private cloud costs with Ensono  

Too often, businesses increase their private cloud spending because they are lacking the resources they need to optimize it. We help businesses migrating from data centers or moving select assets from the public cloud take advantage of Ensono Private Cloud by:  

  • Providing recommendations to help reduce spending across your hybrid cloud and ensure each environment is cost effective  
  • Driving process maturity with prebuilt structures and management options included in our private cloud services 

With our decades of expertise, we are here to drive more efficient, cost-effective solutions, no matter where you are in your cloud journey.  

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