Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM)

Low-risk transition and staff onboarding with our trusted and proven remote management solutions.

Guiding You Through Your IT Journey
Boost performance, lower risk and update your IT infrastructure with the cost-effectiveness and ease of remote monitoring and management.

See How Mainframe RIM Can Get You There.
Every IT infrastructure faces its own unique challenges. That’s why our experts are knowledgeable, available and always looking at your bigger picture. See how we can help you better focus on the other aspects of your business as your remote server manager.

  • Get the confidence of a trusted partner
  • Rely on decades of knowledge and experience
  • Save time with our continual support
  • Simplify your overall IT estate vision
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Service Management and Support

Software and hardware management advisory, Level 1, 2 and 3, support 24/7, storage administration, capacity and performance management and batch scheduling — for the complete package of overall remote-infrastructure management and software support.

Monitoring and Management

Security ID and data management and system monitoring give you the coverage, confidence and vigilance you need during your digital transformation — saving your invaluable time for other business operations.

Consulting and Advisory

With nearly 50 years of experience on our senior team and relationships with all of the major suppliers and most leading technology companies, you can trust that our remote-management experts won’t lead you in the direction of a preferred vendor. They’ll lead you in the direction to optimize your environment that’s best for you.

Ensono Envision

Get the entire story of your IT estate with Ensono’s proprietary, all-in-one IT infrastructure platform. With access to SMEs, SLA and KPI governance, seeing where you stand throughout your transformation — and helping guide it — has never been easier.

Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) Insights

Tuesday, February 13, 2018
Larry Goldberg, VP, Consulting
IT Strategy
Tuesday, July 24, 2018
Mike Lewis, Director, Consulting and Advisory