Embracing Chaos Through Massive Transformation
Brian Klingbeil, Chief Operating Officer
Wednesday, April 12, 2017

When RR Donnelley made the decision to split into three separately traded companies, working with a partner to manage the IT aspects of the spin-off was a top priority. The teams were given less than a year to complete a complex migration – all while keeping business operations running 100%. Ken O’Brien, CIO of RR Donnelley and Brian Klingbeil, COO of Ensono share what it's like to embrace the chaos that comes with a massive transformation and share key insights and the partnership that made it a success.

About the Author

As Chief Operating Officer of Ensono, Brian Klingbeil is responsible for overall company operations, which includes product management and development, service delivery and client satisfaction, as well as Ensono’s technology and services roadmap. He is a member of the company’s board of directors. Before Ensono, Brian held executive positions with Savvis, now part of CenturyLink, where he re-engineered the product development organization and established the firm’s presence in China. Brian received a BS in Finance from Ohio State University and studied Physics and Engineering at Miami University in Ohio.