Run and Operate

Proactive monitoring and updating across your environment.

Cloud deployments are not static, and a natural atrophy will occur if the systems are not properly monitored and updated. For instance, an AWS service might be decommissioned in favor of an improved version, and many dependencies throughout your environment will be exposed to risk. As an Ensono client, your environment will be proactively supervised by experts to enforce best practices and preserve the optimal state of operation that was initially architected. 

Our Managed AWS service includes 58-point proactive monitoring and health checks across the environment, including:

  • CPU memory/disk utilization.
  • Cloudwatch requests.
  • ELB spillover. 
  • ELB surge queue.
  • AWS instance status failures.
  • RDS status check.
  • RDS CPU/memory/disk utilization. 
  • Redshift status check and storage space.
  • Apache connectivity and idle worker.
  • Autoscaling groups health check.
  • AWS Config and MFA status.

When Ensono’s 24x7x365 Enterprise Operations Center (EOC) detects anything out of desired state in your environment, we immediately initiate an automated or manual remediation, and communication with your team. In the vast majority of cases, we notify clients about a resolution before they recognize there was an issue.

As part of our Run and Operate module, Ensono is pleased to create and support advanced Automation for appropriate workloads.  

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Run and Operate Insights

Tuesday, February 27, 2018
Anthony Hodson, Solution Architect
Tuesday, January 2, 2018
Neil Hildreth, Senior Product Manager, Hyperscale Cloud