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Mazars Transforms to Be More Agile by Migrating to the Cloud

Mazars is an international accountancy and advisory firm, with 270 offices around the world, more than 18,000 professionals, and annual revenues of £1.3 billion. 


Founded in 1940 it specializes in audit, accountancy, advisory, tax and legal services and operates in more than 100 countries and territories. With an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to create value at the heart of its DNA, it differentiates itself by the opportunities it offers its people, its approach to working with clients, and its passion for responsible business. Mazars’ clients range from small and medium-sized enterprises to mid-caps and global players, as well as start-ups and public organizations at every stage of development. “What we do is make financial accounting more mobile and global from whatever region our clients operate in,” says Mazars’ Chief Technology Officer, David Bennett.


With impressive global growth comes major IT and infrastructure challenges. Its servers were humming from 9am until 5pm but sat unused the rest of the time, drawing on resources and requiring regular maintenance. In addition to its 17 UK offices, it had also acquired an Australian company and struggled with slow Citrix operating speeds between London and Australia.

Mazars had traditionally run its data center and infrastructure services for its global operations from its London offices. It needed to enable its end-users to work more flexibly and remotely, while using legacy applications, and it wanted to free up its small IT team to focus on business value services, such as its proprietary platforms that service its clients. Mazars decided that Microsoft Azure best solved those challenges and decided to migrate to the cloud.

David Bennett and Mazars sought a transformative solution delivered with market-leading expertise. To meet its demanding selection criteria, Mazars chose Ensono, winner of the 2018 Microsoft Datacenter Transformation Partner of the Year Award.


Ensono provides hybrid IT solutions that address its clients’ current needs, while anticipating and engineering solutions for the ever-changing demands of tomorrow. It aims to be a relentless ally for its clients, disrupting the status quo and enabling them to do great things.

“We wanted someone with experience migrating and deploying on a global scale, because often that’s not as easy as flicking a switch,” explained Bennett. “Ensono and Microsoft both have a deep understanding of modernizing an infrastructure.”

Ensono utilized its Cloud Transform framework for Mazars - specifically the Cloud Activate and Migrate stages. We began with a workshop and then designed a cloud blueprint and assessed application suitability for Azure, modeling IaaS cost structures and presenting options for re-platforming and cost control.

“The whole point of Ensono Cloud Transform is to get our clients to the cloud as quickly as possible and enabling them to realize the benefits of cloud with a minimum amount of fuss,” said Leah Stiff, Ensono’s New Business Generation Lead. “It’s all about time-to-value with as little disruption as possible.”

The company worked on designing, implementing, and configuring a bespoke migration solution for Mazars, utilizing Azure IaaS, Operations Management Suite, Citrix Cloud, Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility and Security, among other solutions.


“Choosing Ensono’s Managed Azure Service means Mazars no longer has to worry about servers, maintenance, or IT support. By mobilizing our apps into the cloud, they’re not so dependent on historic infrastructures,” said Bennett.

As a result of the migration, Mazars has seen improved speed and availability for its 2,000 Citrix users globally, enhanced user experience, cost savings for real estate, and a competitive advantage by delivering client-specific apps from Azure. HCP has allowed Mazars to identify more than $50,000 in cost-saving opportunities through governance and optimization.

“One of our key drivers was to move to a flexible model,” said Bennett.

“This is a transformation project that has directly impacted the way Mazars does business,” said Sean Roberts, General Manager for Public Cloud at Ensono.


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