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Mainframe Solution for Medical Center Just What the Doctor Ordered

The Client

Our client is a hospital and research facility with a global reputation for outstanding patient care and celebrated contributions to medical research. With hundreds of attending physicians and scientists, and thousands more health professionals, the hospital consistently ranks as one of America’s foremost medical facilities, treating more than one million patients from the U.S. and abroad each year.

The Challenge

The final months of 2015 presented hospital executives with a dilemma. Their internal IT staff of 15 engineers was capably managing the mainframe environment from their own data center. The infrastructure was up to date, running smoothly and configured for present needs and future growth. 

However, a change in the group retirement plan made it attractive for many employees to leave by the end of the year, and several members of their mainframe support team decided to take advantage of this benefit. The medical center issued an RFP to identify a service provider who would support their business with the same standard of excellence as the in-house team, and ultimately selected Ensono. 

The Solution

Since several members of our client’s mainframe team would be leaving the company in just a few months, the hospital needed help quickly. It didn’t make sense to take on the risk of physically migrating the mainframe to an Ensono data center given the timeline.

Instead, we created a Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) solution to support the environment from an Ensono facility without having to migrate it from the client’s data center. The environment was fully and successfully transitioned to Ensono within 60 days.

The Benefits

By partnering with Ensono, our client:

  • Maintained a stable and robust mainframe support team designed to be in place for many years
  • Decreased costs associated with staff reductions from 16 to 9 FTE
  • Achieved incremental savings of $300,000 per year for client-owned software

About the Author

Ensono collaborates with clients to deliver progressive IT solutions to help them operate their infrastructure for today and optimize it for tomorrow. We specialize in supporting mission-critical workloads for the world's most successful companies. Ensono works across all platforms – mainframe to cloud, and everything in between.