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Tools Engineer

Pune, India JR008098

The Tools Engineer (TE) will focus on working with the Migration Architect (MA) to run Automated Discovery in client environments. The TE will utilize proven skills to deliver engineering services with a specific focus on the migration and application discovery, ensure the quality of data collected and monitor the health of required tools. The TE will utilize modern technologies and industry standards to promote confidentiality, integrity and availability of clients’ information assets.

Position Requirements

To perform this position successfully, an individual must be able to consistently execute each essential duty & responsibility as well as consistently show proficiency with the following qualifications. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, experience and/or ability required.

  •  Participate in discovery tool selection/implementation, identifying and mapping application dependencies.
  •  Some experience public cloud computing architecture (Microsoft Azure, and AWS) preferred
  •  Able to effectively estimate time required for technical efforts for discovery projects of all sizes.
  •  Demonstrated ability to understand security of applications, infrastructure, networks, systems and equipment that impact multiple environments across all of IT.
  •  Knowledge and experience developing, implementing, and supporting complex enterprise applications.
  •  Investigate new emerging technologies and techniques and research ongoing industry developments.

Day to Day Role

  • Implement and Run Discovery tools for multiple clients/engagements
  • Work with client compute, network and storage teams to deploy discovery software
  • Create discovery jobs, tag assets, troubleshoot access and operational issues with client and Migration Architects
  • Take direction on priorities and timing from Migration Architects and Project Managers
  • Produce reports from discovery tools
  • Work with vendors on licensing or operational issues
  • May have periods of lighter work and busy times. Workflow may not be consistent

Education and/or Experience

  • 5+ years deploying and supporting software tools in the enterprise, with at least 3 years’ experience with discovery tools.
  • Prior Production experience with Fortune 500 clients required.
  • Experience in a broad range of IT systems required.
  • Functional knowledge of IP networks, subnets, and understanding firewall requirements.

     Experience and direct involvement in planning and executing enterprise migration or transformation projects

  • Experience with deploying ServiceNow ITOM and performing Service Mapping strongly desired
  • Experience with tools such as: Device42, AzureMigrate, Stratozone, Zabbix, Fireeye, Solarwinds, Lansweeper and RVTools

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