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Solution Delivery Architect (HW Config)

Chennai, India JR009021

Summary objective of the job

List the general responsibilities and descriptions of key tasks and their purpose and the results expected of candidate.

The Solution Delivery Architect will be responsible for configuration of mainframe hardware equipment such as HCD and IOCP.  During new client migrations, the Systems Programmer will be a point person for configuring client environments within Ensono data centers to mimic existing client environment.  Will serve as an escalation point for mainframe hardware issues such as failed Tape Drives, offline devices, and Call Home.  Associate will adjust weights on HMC for LPARS as required in support of steady state mainframe support. 


State the education, experience, training, and primary technical skills necessary for entry into this job.

5 years experience working within a z/OS environment supporting Tape, DASD, CPU, and other mainframe hardware equipment.  Experience creating HCD and IOCP for zOS, zVM, and zVSE in a complex, geographically dispersed multi data center environment.  Be able to support multiple client hardware upgrades and data center migrations.  Senior level familiarity with Z Series HMC and support element.  Ability to lead new customer hardware migrations and current client hardware upgrades with little direction.  Above average understanding of the network connectivity requirements for the mainframe, DASD and Tape subsystem HMCs.  Ability to interact with account management and project managers.  Experience interacting with vendors and geographically disperse Data Center support staff and implementation teams.  Strong analytical, problem definition, and problem resolution skills.  Able to follow multiple ITSM processes and procedures.  Good familiarity with Excel, Visio and MS Project or their equivalent. 

Secondary skills

This should include any other skills applicable to the job.

Ability to evaluate proposed architecture for supportability prior to sharing with clients.  Successful candidate will be able to design hardware solutions to meet client and business requirements.  Above average knowledge of the z/OS operating system.  Knowledge of z/VM or z/Linux considered a plus.  Familiarity with tape and DASD replication methodologies for various mainframe vendors.  Build and maintain mainframe DR configurations for multiple clients at multiple different Recovery Facilities.  Participate in Disaster Recovery Tests.  Familiarity with data encryption technologies on the mainframe.  Familiarity with Putty.  Ability to mentor and train Jr. Hardware Configuration team members 

Job duties and responsibilities

List the tasks that comprise about 90 to 95 percent of the work done and listing tasks in order of the time consumed (or in order of importance).

  • The first task listed should be the most important or time-consuming one, and so on.
  • List what must be performed and accomplished than how, if there is more than one way to do it.

Define (GEN) mainframe equipment to be connected to Mainframe CPU

Support existing mainframe equipment for functionality, break/fix, and upgrades

Evaluate client systems for migrating into Ensono data centers

Evaluate proposed solutions for supportability


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