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Senior Solution Delivery Architect – Storage

Bengaluru, India JR008484


The Senior Solution Delivery Architect for Mainframe Storage will be responsible for making Tape and DASD ready for Disaster Recovery testing of mainframe environments.  The successful candidate will FLASH storage or pause replication prior to DR testing.  During testing the associate will respond to any reported issues such as inability to reach storage devices or missing data.  Will document issues or lessons learned for future tests.  Associate will also be engaged with new client migrations to become familiar with new clients and position that client for future DR testing.  Will serve as an escalation point for DR storage issues where the testing team is unable to find resolution.  Tests are scheduled months in advance the associates will know what days testing will occur.  There is no 24×7 or on-call support with this role except when that support pertains to an active Disaster Recovery test.  After hours work will be rare, and typically known well in advance. 

Job duties and responsibilities

Recovery mainframe storage for client Disaster Recovery Testing

Manage storage replication from primary to secondary site

Transition clients from in-house support into Ensono

Physically migrate client mainframe environments into Ensono data centers.


A successful candidate for this position should have 8+ years senior level experience working within a z/OS environment supporting Tape and DASD functions. Senior level knowledge of mainframe storage management environments like DFSMS, FDR/ABR, CA-1, DFRMM or equivalent.  Experience supporting Disaster Recovery within a mainframe environment.  Understanding of migration of data from one subsystem to another for both Tape and DASD.  Experience opening tickets with vendors such as IBM.  Must be self-motivated and able to manage multiple projects simultaneously.  Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel to a level of creating documents which can be shared with clients.   

Secondary skills

Successful candidate must be familiar with CSM (Copy Services Manager) and IBM GRID technology.  Experience with DELL PMAX, VMAX, and DLM also helpful.  Small amount of Luminex recovery does exist but prior experience is a plus though not required.  Successful candidate will be able to design storage solutions to meet client and business requirements.  Will lead projects to implement solutions to improve client storage environments.  Will serve as primary Subject Matter Expert during client Disaster Recovery testing. 


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