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Senior Project Manager – Public Cloud

Senior Project Manager – Public Cloud


Critical success factors that measure performance would be:
-Resource and Cost management
-Delivery of project to budget and plan

-Personal Goals/Objectives as set agreed with the line manager

Your ability to multi-task, meet deadlines, decompose work for manageability, and time management and prioritization are essential attributes of a successful Senior Project Manager. You will work to define outcomes, evaluate alternative approaches, and understand key constraints, all while developing appropriate solutions.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Oversees contract file maintenance 
  • Participates with input into SOW or RFP response 
  • Participates in vendor selection and contracts 


  • Defines, organizes and plans project schedules to meet required project timeframes. Facilitates/leads estimation of moderately complex projects 
  • Develops project schedule and determines resource needs. Works closely with resource managers to ensure proper resource allocation to the project 


  • Independently and successfully managed the development and execution of all projects 
  • Multiple moderately complex, multi-phased projects  
  • Concurrently manages more than one moderately complex, multiple phased projects with cross-functional, cross-organizational teams and/or outside vendors 


  • Manages risk planning, analysis, response and control on a scheduled basis across all phases and projects 


  • Recognize and document process improvement opportunities 
  • Responsible for ensuring all project closeout activities are completed and documented 

Scope Planning:  

  • Resolves potentially conflicting requirements 
  • Thoroughly understands the project background (e.g., why it is being done, who supports/opposes it, where it is on the client’s priority list, who the client sponsor is) 
  • Establishes and obtains key stakeholders’ commitment to the overall project vision 
  • Obtains agreement to an approved, clearly stated review and approval process 
  • Ensures changes to the project scope are implemented according to the project change management process 

Project Initiation:  

  • Analyses historical data, identifies areas for improvement and makes recommendations to improve estimates 
  • Coaches others in skills required to plan and estimate resource needs of complex projects 
  • Oversees the development of schedules that result in on-time releases of large and complex projects 

Resource Management:  

  • Maintaining Consulting and Delivery team utilization within Resource Management System
  • Forecasting capacity

Time & Cost Management: 

  • Manages budgets and timelines of high-level, high-impact, and high-cost client projects 
  • Uses a variety of company and industry sources to assess and predict trends in estimating the resource needs of complex and large projects 
  • Presents and maintains project budgets  
  • Analyses aggregate budget/expense data across projects 
  • Secures needed approval from senior management to changes in project budgets, to accompany changes in project scope 
  • Ensures integration of timelines for multiple projects  
  • Consistently meets profitability and release date objectives of complex projects 

Risk & Issue Management:  

  • Implements strategies to deal with risks and issues affecting the success of the project (e.g., acceptance, avoidance, mitigation) 
  • Works with stakeholders to increase their understanding of potential risks and the steps being taken to mitigate them 
  • Objectively analyses the impact and probability of each risk and the impact of each issue 
  • Uses risk mitigation techniques to lessen the probability, thereby reducing the risk 
  • Involves team members in identifying risks on a regular basis throughout the project 
  • Uses a variety of tools/techniques to quantify risks (e.g., expected monetary value, statistical sums, schedule simulations, decision trees) 
  • Uses a variety of approaches (e.g., project team meetings, project status reports, issues logs, risk management worksheets) to keep project risks visible and track changes (e.g., probability, impact, planned risk response) 
  • Drives risks and issues to closure 
  • Establishes tolerance levels for issues and triggers for risks 


  • Must be independent, self-motivated, a self-starter and possess a good working attitude
  • Professional communication, presentation, analytical, and problem-solving skills
  • High degree of confidence and poise.
  • Client focused and results drive


  • Agile project management
  • Wide experience of the IT Industry
  • Experience with cloud technologies (Azure, AWS) must have
  • Experience building, maintaining, and enhancing business relationships within and outside the company.
  • Should have Planned and executed major migrations: complete analysis of business needs, application, hardware and security requirements.

Years of Experience Desired/Required:

Minimum 7-10 years of experience

Education Desired/Required:

Undergraduate degree with 5-7 years of professional experience (client facing experience preferred)

Certifications Required:

  • Agile project management with Scrum
  • Prince2/PMI certification, such as PMP, CAPM, PMI-ACP

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