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Senior Mainframe Systems Programmer


Ensono is a leading IT Mainframe Outsourcer helping Fortune 500 customer’s access cutting-edge technologies. Ensono accomplishes this by hiring and retaining exceptional talent dedicated to customer satisfaction. This role will provide premium software support and services to Ensono mainframe clients as they relate to Mainframe IMS systems.


  • Fulfill customer service requests for mainframe z/OS customers in a timely manner as they pertain to IMS and related OEM software products.

  • Provide primary support for reported problems related to IMS and related OEM software products.

  • Provide support on 24 x 7 x 365 basis across multiple time zones.

  • Follow procedures for installing OEM software products efficiently and according to best practices and Ensono standards (for productivity/scalability purposes).

  • Provide key support for customer migration services (new customer transitions) as they pertain to IMS and related OEM software products.

  • Assist the assigned project manager in the migration of newly acquired customers such that all technical hurdles are addressed in a timely manner and do not impede the expected progress of the transition nor the targeted migration date.

  • In joint cooperation with the Disaster Recovery Services, successfully execute tasks associated with any given customer’s disaster recovery plans.

  • Adhere to a schedule that efficiently manages resources and allows timely implementations.

  • Follow ITSM change control procedures


  • Bachelor’s degree required and/or equivalent work experience.

  • Demonstrable experience in IMS for administration and systems programming support.  CA and IBM tools for IMS a plus

  • Knowledge in best practices of software management, maintenance and documentation

  • Configure and manage IMS in a parallel sysplex environment

  • Develop innovation, strategies, processes and  best practices in IMS systems programming

  • Reviewing new versions of IMS for functionality, advising how they benefit the client

  • Troubleshooting and solving of IMS System and database issues

  • Evaluating change requests and determine impact to assigned clients

  • Vendor consultations for problems and questions

  • DR recovery of application objects

  • Troubleshooting and solving production database issues

  • Supporting multiple customer for after hours on-call

  • Database Administration

  • IMS commands related to ACB and FORMAT changes

  • Coding and usage of IMS reorganization utilities (including IBM, BMC, CA)

  • Support planned (disaster recovery) and unplanned (emergency) database recovery activities

  • Knowledge of log archive and change accumulation utilities

  • How to perform a log archive on demand              

  • Knowledge of IMS DB recovery utility

  • How to use DBRC to generate JCL for forward recovery and point-in-time database recovery.

  • Identification and resolution of performance issues 

  • Online tracing – Usage of IMS TRACE commands and associated utilities for spot monitoring of online program/transaction activity

  • A solid working knowledge of SMP/E and its role in the installation process

  • Solid understanding of IMS database structures

  • Understanding of IMS connect

  • Understanding of MFS for IMS message formatting

  • Understanding and use of Compression routines

  • Understanding and use of Randomizers

  • Strong JCL skills

  • Understanding and use of Assembler

  • Understanding of exits in the install process Understanding and use of the IRLM in a data sharing environment

  • Extracting information from IMS logs

  • Using DBRC to monitor database activity


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