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Security Services Manager

Pune, India JR009610

Has specialized skills and experience needed for more complex issues/projects; requires little to no oversight; has solid understanding of organization, and some appreciated of the business environment.

Provides consulting, advisory and operational services that acts as an overlay to the Ensono managed security services and works with the Client across a wide variety of security functions to advise, analyze, resolve issues, incidents and provide guidance across a gamut of various Ensono provided security solutions and technologies: Network Intrusion Detection System, Log Management, Threat Management, Web Application Firewalls, Network Firewalls, Integrity Management, Change Management, Patching and Hardening analysis and Security governance functions. 

  • Act as the liaison between the Ensono Security team and Ensono Client.
  • Establish and manage relationships with key Client stakeholders through regular meetings and other touch points.
  • Participate in Client meetings to validate the Ensono Security value proposition is being met.
  • Assist in the development, implementation, and enforcement of security profiles, policies, and procedures as pertinent to the Ensono managed infrastructure.
  • Identify Clients’ cybersecurity related needs, budgets, existing projects, and future projects and share these insights with the Ensono team.
  • Establish relationships with procurement departments to ensure Ensono is considered for relevant buying cycles.
  • Introduce Ensono team members to relevant contacts, invite and host contacts at Ensono sponsored events or other events where Ensono is present.
  • Demonstrate interest in, and aptitude for, the business and technical issues encountered across the Ensono client base.
  • Review and advise on security related aspects on Client IT infrastructure hosted in the Security premises 
  • Proactively review, analyze, and drive remediation in the environment against any new or potential security threats and vulnerabilities
  • Develop and maintain security profiles, policies, and procedures as pertinent to the Ensono hosted infrastructure
  • Recommend new technologies/processes in the Client environment to improve the security of infrastructure and applications based upon current trends and industry standards
  • React to any unauthorized intrusions and provide forensic analysis as needed
  • Customize Ensono technical security controls and configurations to reflect Client’s customized requirements and needs
  • Review and approve technical security controls, other than those made by Ensono, prior to implementation
  • Work in conjunction with, but independently from, the technical and project management teams in evaluating all proposed changes to the hosted infrastructure
  • Serves as a point of contact for Ensono and Client’s related security incidents
  • Works with Ensono managed service teams to compile and deliver environmental information as a result of related security breach to Client’s Ensono hosted environment
  • Interface with Client’s internal staff to support Client’s IT security audit requests related to Ensono-managed infrastructure
  • Participates and leads monthly Security related meetings with Client in relation to the scope of security services requested
  • Reviews change requests for managed IT Security Platforms submitted for implementation 
  • Validate changes are received from an authorized source 
  • Validate change requests against the Client guidelines and the current implementation architecture
  • Reviews and Analyzes Firewall, IDS/IPS, DDOS, and Log Management (for LMS performance, not content) logs on an ongoing basis and provides weekly summary reports of critical security alerts and incidents

3-5 Years’ experience in security operations

  • Problem solving skills and ability to work under pressure
  • BS or MS degree in Computer Science or Security
  • Experience troubleshooting and resolving application and network problems
  • Knowledge of database and operating system security.
  • Thorough understanding of the latest security principles, techniques, and protocols
  • Familiarity with security-related technologies in all OSI stack (Web applications, Web Services, Service Oriented Architectures) and of network/web related protocols.

The ideal candidate will possess, and want to develop, a knowledge, credibility and expertise in cybersecurity.  This individual should also be able to contribute expertise, strong execution and project delivery skills to facilitate meaningful and enduring client relationships


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