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Mainframe Systems Programmer – ZOS (Storage & HW)

Pune, India JR008710

z/OS Hardware and Storage

The z/OS Hardware and Storage team is responsible for all Mainframe hardware implementation, configuration, and administration. They are also responsible for all Mainframe storage administration, provisioning, and management.


z/OS Operating System hardware and storage activities configured in a parallel sysplex with IBM DS8K disk arrays in a Metro Global Mirror environment and IBM TS7700 virtual tape system grid.

Participate in the technical support & execution of the z/OS RSU maintenance & z/OS upgrade process. Perform hardware configuration updates using HCD. Activate and deploy changes to the IODF/IOCDS to update the hardware configurations for all Mainframe systems. Gather trace data, logs and other supporting material from all components and open service requests / cases with the vendors and provide on-going support for issues. Research, code, certify & implement SMS storage ACS routines to meet application requirements. Code & implement virtual tape storage routines and retentions to meet application requirements. Develop, code & execute REXX routines in support of the performance and capacity management of the storage infrastructure. Maintain ICC console configuration for z/OS system consoles. Support and administer changes to in-house developed ICC console website. Schedule firmware and microcode upgrades with IBM and other vendors. Apply firmware updates to Brocade equipment where remote code load is not available. Maintain and administer ICF catalogs, including periodic catalog REORGs as needed and changes to improve catalog efficiency. Experience in the support and operation of IBM Metro Global Mirror synchronous / asynchronous configuration. Assist in the design and documentation of infrastructure business continuity and disaster recovery plans and advise application teams on infrastructure capability. Respond to automated alerts. Provide technical documentation & detailed chronology based on supporting facts for critical incidents within 24 hours of the incident. Monitor and process the Mainframe Infrastructure SMC Incident and Problem queue and respond per defined SLAs. Draft design documentation and diagrams to meet business requirements. Process work requests via SMC Request and IT service request system or team manager requests as needed.

Platforms Supported:

z14 and z15 servers using XCF, FICON MPC, 1Gb, 10Gb, and RoCE, IBM DS8K disk arrays, IBM TS7700 virtual tape systems, Brocade 7840 Expansion switches, and Brocade FICON directors.

Skills Required:

  • Familiar with IBM Z server hardware.
  • Familiar with creating & maintaining HMCs and ICC consoles and profiles.
  • Familiar with IBM DS8K disk arrays, IBM TS7700 virtual tape systems, and Brocade FICON & Expansion switches.
  • Familiar with micro code management for IBM Z servers, TS77*, DS8K* and peripherals.
  • Familiar with USS structures & permissions.
  • Familiar with digital certificates, ciphers, and security negotiations.
  • Familiar with RACF keyrings.
  • Experience supporting a global computer operations team
  • Expert in coding PROCs and JCLs.
  • Expert in creating custom ISPF dialogs and panels.
  • Expert in using SMP/E for the installation, customization & maintenance of z/OS software products.
  • Expert in the installation, customization & maintenance of IBM and independent software vendor software.
  • Expert in coding & implementation of DFSMS ACS routines.
  • Experience with backup, replication, and disaster recovery solutions.
  • Familiarity with security principals including SOX, PCI and GDPR regulations and their implementation using best practices
  • Expert MS Office

Software/Hardware Required (Detail UPS Owned SW and Third-Party SW Requirements):                                                                                                                                                                             

  • z/OS v2.4
  • COBOL, Connect Enterprise/Secure Plus, Connect Enterprise RDX, AF/Operator, Copy Service Manager, ISKLM/GSKLM, Guardium for z/OS, Omegamon Suite (MVS, CICS, MQ, DB2), TDMF, TPX, zSecure Audit
  • Thruput Manager, File-Aid, Xpediter, Topaz Workbench, Strobe, iStrobe, Abend-Aid, EasyTrieve
  • VPS Suite, Savers, FDR, CA Faver, CA Allocate, Catalog Recovery Plus, ChangeMan, MXG, PKZIP, Syncsort, Vanguard RACF Admin, and IBM Multi-Factor Authentication
  • CA-Spool, CA-Balancing, CA-Deliver, TLMS, CA1, NetMaster, APM, OPSMVS, ESP
  • Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox
  • MS Office
  • QWS3270 Secure

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