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IMS Database Administrator



  • Bachelor’s degree required and/or equivalent work experience.
  • 10+ years of professional experience in IMS for administration and systems programming support.  CA and IBM tools for IMS a plus
  • Extensive experience with the following:
    • Know ledged in best practices of software management, maintenance and documentation
    • Configure and manage IMS in a parallel sysplex environment
    • Develop innovation, strategies, processes and  best practices in IMS systems programming
    • Establishing policies and procedures pertaining to database management, DR, security, maintenance and utilization
    • Reviewing new versions of IMS for functionality, advising how they benefit the client
    • Evaluating change requests and determine impact to assigned clients
    • Vendor consultations for problems and questions
    • DR recovery of application objects
    • Troubleshooting and solving production database issues
    • Demonstrated ability to respond quickly and effectively to support requests from multiple clients
    • Supporting multiple customer for after hours on-call
    • Database Administration
      • Knowledge of IMS database organization using access methods of VSAM and OSAM
      • Full function database organization types
      • Definition and use of LOGICAL databases
      • HALDB (partitioned):  PHDAM, PHIDAM, ILDS, PSINDEX, etc.
      • Fast Path databases (DEDBs)
    • Database Design and related utilities
      • DBD source coding and DBDGEN
      • PSBGEN source coding and PSBGEN
      • How databases are processed using secondary indexes (PROCSEQ=)
      • Correct usage of PROCOPT= to minimize database locking
      • ACBGEN
      • Online Change
      • IMS commands related to ACB and FORMAT changes
    • Coding and usage of IMS reorganization utilities (including IBM, BMC, CA)
      • Unload
      • Prefix resolution
      • Reload
      • Prefix update
      • Secondary index build
      • Image copy
      • Pointer checker
    • Support planned (disaster recovery) and unplanned (emergency) database recovery activities
      • Knowledge of log archive and change accumulation utilities
      • How to perform a log archive on demand                   
      • Knowledge of IMS DB recovery utility
      • How to use DBRC to generate JCL for forward recovery and point-in-time database recovery.
    • Database monitoring 
      • Space management
      • Database dataset space reporting for proactive outage avoidance.
      • How to immediately fix an out of space condition for a VSAM database dataset
    • Identification and resolution of performance issues 
      • Online tracing – Usage of IMS TRACE commands and associated utilities for spot monitoring of online program/transaction activity
      • Extracting information from IMS logs using DFSERA10 and related utilities DFSUTR20 and DFSUTR30
      • Use of DFSDDLT0 utility to access data
      • Program/transaction monitoring – Familiarity with usage of IBM’s IMS performance Analyzer product is a plus
      • Using DBRC to monitor database activity

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • The successful candidate will perform mainframe database software upgrades coupled with administration and tuning to support our customers’ IMS environments.
  • The individual will need to work with vendor personnel to achieve timely solutions of database problems.
  • The individual will be responsible for day-to-day database maintenance such as creating backups, performing restores, monitoring file extent growth, scheduling reorganizations, creating and maintaining DR procedures and overall support of customer needs and requests.
  • The successful candidate will be called upon to perform a variety of database optimizations that will include general reporting and analysis of the efficiency of the database configuration and periodic review of database performance.
  • Expertise and work efforts will focus on the development and support and/or the customization of new services and support efforts.
  • System programming knowledge of multiple DBMS’s is a bonus.
  • The individual will need to participate in on-call responsibilities.


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