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Associate Solution Delivery Architect (ZOS / AUTH Code)

Chennai, India JR009022

Summary objective of the job

List the general responsibilities and descriptions of key tasks and their purpose and the results expected of candidate.

The Solution Delivery Architect will be engaged on the transition from client’s in-house IT into Ensono’s support.  Will participate in Knowledge Transfer with clients and assist in documentation creation.  Focus is on the ISV software and license key procedures for those products.  Associate will identify which software products require a license key, document procedures for applying, and then apply keys for the products during migration.  Engaging in shadowing of client engineers and assisting the transition of services to Ensono engineers will be primary job responsibility.  Associate will support new clients during migration and then transition support to steady state teams and disengage.  The Solution Delivery Architect supporting ISV and zOS for the Transition Team may be engaged in more than one migration simultaneously. 


State the education, experience, training, and primary technical skills necessary for entry into this job.

Minimal Requirements include three years of experience working within a z/OS environment.  Familiarity with mainframe functional areas such as zOS, Storage, CICS, and DBMS.  Successful associate should be familiar with installation or support of mainframe ISV products such as SAS, CA/Broadcom, McKinney Systems, BMC, and others.  This includes experience with SMP/E, including base installation and maintenance application.   Proficiency in interacting with ISV vendors, problem determination and resolution for the products identified above.  Must be self-motivated and able to manage multiple projects simultaneously.  Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel to a level of creating documents which can be shared with clients.   

Secondary skills

This should include any other skills applicable to the job.

Attending sales calls either by phone or in person to assist in the sales process will be common.  Will serve as primary technical contact for mainframe License Keys and ISV products during client migrations.  Experience installing products or applying license keys a plus. 

Job duties and responsibilities

List the tasks that comprise about 90 to 95 percent of the work done and listing tasks in order of the time consumed (or in order of importance).

  • The first task listed should be the most important or time-consuming one, and so on.
  • List what must be performed and accomplished than how, if there is more than one way to do it.

Will be responsible for identifying which software products require a license key, documenting the process to apply the key, and then applying the key during mainframe transition

Install and support ISV software on a zOS system

Learn client environments as they transition into Ensono

Help transition support of client environment to Ensono Steady State teams

Attend client meetings to understand environment

Address issues as they arise during client migration.


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